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Why Choose Trevi Marble Fountain

Natural High Quality Marble

At Trevi Factory, our commitment to excellence begins with our choice of materials. We exclusively use natural, high-quality marble for our fountains. This choice ensures not only the timeless beauty and elegance of our fountains but also their durability and resistance to the elements. We believe in creating fountains that stand the test of time and bring lasting joy to your outdoor spaces. With our selection of premium marble, your fountain will be a masterpiece for generations to come.

Natural High Quality Marble

Excellent Fountain Carving Artist

Our skilled fountain carving artists at Trevi Factory are the heart and soul of our creations. With years of experience and a deep passion for their craft, they turn solid blocks of high-quality marble into magnificent works of art. These artists meticulously carve and shape each fountain, ensuring that every detail is perfect. Their dedication to excellence is what makes our fountains not just water features but expressions of true craftsmanship and artistry. When you choose Trevi Factory, you’re selecting the finest artists to create your dream marble fountain.

Design marble fountain

Trevi Factory Expert Design Team

At Trevi Factory, we take pride in our professional design team, a group of skilled and creative artists who craft stunning marble fountains. They blend artistry, tradition, and innovation to create captivating and unique marble fountain designs that transform outdoor spaces into works of art. With years of experience, their expertise ensures that every fountain not only exudes elegance but also meets the highest quality standards.

Professional Installation Team

Professional Installation Team

At Trevi Factory, we understand that the beauty of a marble fountain is fully realized when it’s installed perfectly. we have a dedicated team of installation professionals who ensure that your fountain is set up flawlessly. And we could go abroad to provide you with on-site installation services. Our installation experts have years of experience and the expertise to handle all types of fountains, from intricate designs to grand, large-scale installations. They make sure that your fountain not only looks stunning but functions perfectly, bringing the soothing sound of flowing water to your space.

Custom Marble Fountain Design

Trevi Team Provides Marble Fountain Customization Services! We have professional marble fountain designers and artists, we could customize any fountain based on your ideas or requirements. 

Trevi Marble Fountain Showcase

At our factory, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality marble fountains readily available for your choice. These pre-made marble fountains boast exceptionally competitive prices.

Trevi Fountain Feedback

We have carved marble fountains, horse fountains, lion fountains, figure fountains, wall fountains, floating sphere fountains, and some other marble fountains for many clients and have earned the trust of thousands of our clients.

Client Testimonials

Numerous satisfied customers have penned glowing reviews, consistently sharing their sentiments that our marble fountains have ushered in more beautiful memories and delightful moments in their surroundings. Get in touch with Trevi to receive the most current price estimate.

The marble Trevi fountain in our castle has been the setting for many movies and has been the venue for many important parties.
large trevi fountain feedback
Bulgarian castle client
Many clients of our hotel were attracted and shocked by this marble sculpture of Poseidon.
large lion fountain
Canadian hotel client
These sculptures of beautiful women are so charming and our manor is even more beautiful because of them.
marble figure fountain
American manor client
This marble horse sculpture fountain bears witness to our true love and beautiful marriage, and is a witness to our beautiful memories.
horse wedding fountain feedback
American villa client
These elephant head sculpture fountains bring a lot of joy to people in the park, and children rush to play with the elephants.
marble elephant fountain
Malaysia garden client
This single female sculpture fountain is the biggest highlight of the interior decoration.
figure fountain
Australian residence client
In the ice and snow, the marble pony fountain still presents a beautiful appearance. Against the backdrop of ice and snow, it is so solid.
marble horse fountain feedback
British garden client
During the epidemic days, I sat next to the fountain every night and lamented that life is like water, flowing back and forth endlessly.
marble horse fountain
French Courtyard client
In my backyard, the black marble fountain fits so well with the surrounding plants.
black marble fountain
New Zealand farm client


Our outdoor marble water fountains are made from high-quality natural marble, known for its beauty and durability.

Yes, we offer customization services. You could work with our designers to create a unique fountain to suit your preferences and space.

Yes, our fountains are designed to withstand various weather conditions. We could advise on specific designs for extreme climates.

Yes, you’ll need access to a water source and a power supply. We could provide guidance on the installation process.

Lead times could vary depending on the complexity of the design. We’ll provide an estimated timeline during the consultation.

Yes, our fountains are suitable for both residential gardens and commercial spaces like hotels, resorts, and public parks.

Regular maintenance includes cleaning and checking for any clogs. We could provide detailed care instructions.

We carefully package and crate your fountain for secure transport. We offer worldwide shipping with reliable carriers.

Yes, we have a professional installation team that could assist with setting up your outdoor marble water fountain.

Lead times could vary depending on the complexity of the design. We’ll provide an estimated timeline during the consultation.

Yes, we offer replacement parts for all components of our fountains.

We provide warranties to ensure the quality and longevity of our fountains. Details may vary, so please inquire for specifics.

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horse wedding fountain feedback

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