How Is The Marble Outdoor Garden Gazebo for Wedding Packed?

Details of the Marble Gazebo:

This beautiful marble outdoor garden gazebo is perfect as the perfect venue for a wedding ceremony. These white marble and open-worked wrought iron tops bring back fond memories. Especially against the background of bright flowers, the wedding has a more ceremonial and romantic atmosphere.

marble column gazebo-Trevi Sculpture

Our artists could carve delicate three-dimensional flowers and leaves on the pillars. When a couple swears an oath in front of the marble pavilion, we could feel the sanctity of marriage and the expectation of a better life in the future.

white marble gazebo-Trevi Sculpturewedding gazebo-Trevi Sculpturelarge gazebo-Trevi Sculpture

Excellent Marble Carving Artists:

We have been engaged in marble outdoor garden gazebo carving for 40 years. Many of our artists are family heirlooms carving marble outdoor garden gazebos. They have learned carving techniques from their grandfathers and elders since they were very young.


large Marble gazebo-Trevi Sculpturewedding gazebo decorations-Trevi Sculpture

Through continuous practice and learning, they have gradually become excellent great artists and carved many exquisite marble outdoor gazebos. Please trust that our artists would also provide you with a series of marble gazebos of high quality.

indian wedding gazebo-Trevi SculptureMarble outdoor gazebo-Trevi Sculpturemarble gazebo for sale-Trevi Sculpture

Outdoor Garden Gazebo Packing:

A:3CM standard wooden crate with metal junction and nails;

B: enough wood chunks as support of the inner products, to prevent shaking;

C: around the wooden crate, We will use three strong strapping packing belts for fixed;

marble italian gazebo-Trevi SculptureMarble gazebo-Trevi Sculpture

D: For inner Packing, we will use thick plastic or soft foam to avoid scratching the outer;

E: shockproof foam to protect each carving

Home Depot Gazebos Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Gazebo Decor Marble Gazebo for Sale MOKK-455

Home Depot Gazebos Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Gazebo Decor Marble Gazebo for Sale MOKK-455

Home Depot Gazebos Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Gazebo Decor Marble Gazebo for Sale MOKK-455


There are different parts of the marble gazebos. We will arrange the packages in order to make it easy to unload and install them in the right order.


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