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Trevi marble garden decor, where timeless elegance meets the beauty of nature. Discover exquisite marble gazebos, tables, benches, and planters that transform your outdoor space into a haven of sophistication. Elevate your garden with the enduring charm of fine marble craftsmanship.

Buy round antique stone garden gazebos outdoor

Buy Round Antique Stone Garden Gazebos Outdoor TMG-18

This round antique stone garden gazebo is a our classic design. We created this ancient stone garden...
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Large Garden Decoration White Marble Gazebo for Sale MOKK-865

This magnificent large marble gazebo is classical in its beauty. Exquisite pure white marble with an...
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Nautral Marble Gazebo Outdoor with Metal Dome for Sale

With over four decades of expertise in exporting marble gazebos, Trevi factory proudly showcases extensive...
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High-Quality Outdoor Marble Bench for Garden Decor

High-Quality Outdoor Marble Bench for Garden Decor TMAD-13

Introducing a beautifully hand-carved marble bench adorned with intricate carvings, this elegant piece...
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marble planter with stand-Trevi Sculpture

White Marble Planter with Stand for Garden Decoration MOK1-099

This exquisite marble planter with stand for sale was made by the Trevi factory. If you also want to...
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marble planter pot

White Marble Planter Pot with Kid Carvings Design TMP-25

This extraordinary marble planter pot combines artistry and functionality, making it a perfect addition...
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Home Decoration White Marble Lion Flowerpot for Sale MOKK-724

Home Decoration White Marble Lion Flowerpot for Sale MOKK-724

Nowadays, flower pots can no longer be used as decorations after planting flowers. Think of this home...
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marble garden table and chairs-Trevi Statue

White Marble Garden Table and Chairs Manufacturer TMAD-01

White marble garden table and chairs are suitable as dining table or coffee table. Pure hand carving...
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marble bench outdoor-Trevi Statue

Beige Marble Bench with Wonderful Carvings for Outdoor MOK1-132

Beautifully carved marble benches are ideal for outdoor gardens. If you also want to place such a bench...
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Custom Metal Top Gazebo on Sale Marble Factory Supply

This custom-made five-meter diameter marble gazebo is perfect for outdoor wedding decor. Trevi factory...
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Outdoor Marble Round Gazebo with a Solid Dome for Sale

This white marble round gazebo is the proud work of our factory. It shows Trevi factory's exquisite craftsmanship...
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Extra Large Outdoor Gazebo with Marble Column for Sale TMG-44

Extra Large Outdoor Gazebo with Marble Column for Sale TMG-44

Trevi factory specializes in making large marble gazebos and has forty years of production experience....
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