Marble Altar Table

Choose pure natural marble, professional catholic artists pure hand-carving marble altar tables, marble pulpits, and other church items. Focus on statue carving for over 40 years, professional team, and door-to-door service.


Catholic Marble Altar with Jesus Shepherd Relief for Sale

This exquisite Catholic Altar Table is carved with the highest quality marble, a relief of Jesus shepherding...
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White Marble Church Catholic Tabernacle Designs for Sale

Such a tabernacle is not only a significant sacred vessel in the church but also an object that commands...
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White Marble Altar Table with The Last Supper Statue TCH-240

White Marble Altar Table with The Last Supper Statue for Sale TCH-240

The marble altar, adorned with a meticulously crafted sculpture depicting the Last Supper, serve as a...
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Buy Modern Marble Altar Table Designs for Church Decoration TCH-115

Trevi Art Sculpture have had the pleasure of working with some of the most beautiful churches, We have...
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marble Baptismal Font-Trevi Statue

High-Quality Marble Baptismal Font for Catholic Church

This high-quality and beautiful marble Baptismal Font is for sale in Trevi factory. We could customize...
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marble altar table for sale-Trevi Factory

Stunning Carving Marble Catholic Altar Table Manufacturer TCH-226

The importance of altars in the Catholic faith could not be overemphasized, and their design and construction...
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Handcrafted Altar

White Marble Table Catholic Church Altars for sale TCH-112

Marble catholic church altar for sale is a piece of furniture that could be used to build family houses...
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Catholic church pulpit-Trevi Sculpture

White Marble Catholic Church Pulpit for Sale CHS-912

The marble Catholic church pulpit with its unique design could not only provide a good place for priests...
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marble altars for homes-Trevi Sculpture

Catholic Church Carved Marble Altar Table Custom Architectural CHS-903

As a professional catholic church altar supplier, Trevi could provide you with a variety of marble Catholic...
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Marble altar tables-Trevi Sculpture

Catholic White Marble Altar Hand Carved Table for Sale CHS-816

Catholic altar table carved by hand from large blocks of high-quality white and Egyptian beige marble....
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church pulpit price-Trevi Sculpture

Natural Marble Catholic Church Pulpits for Sale CHS-771

Our marble pulpit is hand carved and well polished by our skilled artists. While this pulpit could be...
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Luxurious Marble Main Altar Catholic Church Home Prayer for Sale CHS-872

Luxurious Marble Main Altar Catholic Church Home Prayer for Sale CHS-872

Trevi has such a luxuriously large marble altar for sale. Our artists are devout Catholic altar sculptors....
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