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Get the best prices on luxurious marble columns, straight from the source. Choose from a wide selection of designs to match your style. Enjoy long-lasting beauty with our top-grade marble columns.


Roman Style Marble Stone Column for Sale Factory Direct

Trevi Factory’s marble stone columns, carved from natural marble, are celebrated for their magnificent...
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Luxury Marble Column Base for Home Decoration for Sale

Our premium marble column bases, embodying timeless elegance, are currently on offer at direct factory...
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High Quality Marble Caryatid Pillar Luxurious Villa Decor

The marble caryatid pillars from Trevi factory are an exceptionally beautiful set of decorative items...
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High Quality Solid Marble Column for Sale Factory Supply

Trevi Factory’s solid marble columns, carved from natural marble, are celebrated for their magnificent...
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Decorative Interior Large Marble Square Pillars and Columns Costs TMC-05

This Decorative interior of large marble square pillars and columns has a 240mm shaft diameter, made...
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High Quality Marble Greek Column Decor for Sale TMCO-03

High Quality Marble Greek Column Decor for Sale TMCO-03

Our marble Corinthian columns are perfect for enhancing the grandeur of your architectural or interior...
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solid marble columns-Trevi Statue

Solid White Marble Statue Columns Factory Supplier TMCO-02

The solid marble columns were meticulously carved from natural marble by our skilled craftsmen. With...
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marble columns for sale

High-Quality Marble Columns for Home for Sale TMCO-01

Columns made of natural marble look beautiful, and noble and have a long lifespan. We guarantee you a...
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marble statue column-Trevi Statue

White Marble Charming Female Statue Column Supplier TMC-14

If you want to install strong and beautiful marble columns in your living room, corridor, or business...
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marble columns house-Trevi Sculpture

High-Quality Marble Columns for House Decor Supplier MOK1-106

The Trevi factory could not only provide you with high-quality marble columns for the house but also...
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marble pillars for sale-Trevi Sculpture

Beautiful Marble Pillars with Female Statues for Sale MOK1-079

The marble pillars for sale are so beautiful because there are realistic and figurative female statues...
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marble columns-Trevi Marble Statue

Outdoor Large Decorative White Marble Column Monuments for Sale TMC-08

Item Number: TMC-08 Key words: Marble empire columns Architectural columns home depot Decorative pillars...
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Professional Marble Column Manufacturer

Trevi Art marble factory has different kinds of marble columns including classics such as Corinthian, Roman styles, and Greek styles, carved from premium-quality natural marble.

we would also buy full insurance for the solid marble columns to give our clients support. If you want marble Corinthian columns to decorate your house, please feel free to contact us.



For years of experience, we have built long-term cooperation relationships with many builders, designers, contractors, and architects. With our efforts, we have done many marvelous marble column projects. These are feedback pictures from our clients.


  • Clients have the option to choose between hollow and solid columns.
  • The marble material, color, and dimensions of the columns are customizable.
  • Many styles are available for the column capital, column shaft, and column base, all of which can be custom to the client’s preferences.
  • The factory has a professional design team that uses computers to create 3D column models, providing clients with perfect solutions.
  • After the marble columns are finished, the factory will have a trial installation and provide detailed installation guidance to the clients.
Expert Design Capabilities
Top-Notch 3D Modeling Designers, Provide Flawless and Tailored Solutions for Marble Column Designs
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Frequently Asked Questions

We source our marble from reputable quarries and conduct rigorous quality inspections throughout the production process to ensure high-quality and durable columns for our esteemed clients. You can read this blog to find out about Why Marble is the Preferred Material for Columns.

Absolutely! We offer extensive customization options, allowing you to choose from a variety of designs, dimensions, and styles, including classic Roman columns, Corinthian column styles, and personalized portrait columns, tailored to your specific preferences.

Do not worry about the installation of the marble column, whether you buy the column shell or solid pillar, our factory has detailed installation guidance, and our factory also has a professional installation team, if you have needs we can also install for you.

Our marble columns are crafted with premium materials and superior craftsmanship, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear. Maintenance is minimal and typically involves regular cleaning with a mild soap solution to preserve their natural beauty.

We offer worldwide shipping services, carefully packaging and handling each marble column to ensure safe and timely delivery to our client’s locations. Additionally, we provide tracking information for shipments to keep clients informed every step of the way.

Pricing for our marble columns varies depending on factors such as design, dimensions, and customization options. To obtain a personalized quotation, simply contact our sales team with your specific requirements, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a competitive pricing estimate.

Experience the Art of Marble Column

Transform Ordinary Spaces into Architectural Masterpieces: Explore our premium selection of marble columns, meticulously crafted to enhance the beauty and sophistication of any environment.

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