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Trevi Art is a factory specializing in manufacturing marble fountains. With years of experience and superb craftsmanship, we are committed to creating stunning marble lion fountains.

marble lion fountain

Garden Decoration Outdoor Marble Fountain With Lion Statues for Sale MOKK-03

Experience the majesty of our marble lion fountain, a stunning masterpiece that brings elegance and grandeur...
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marble fountain for garden-Trevi Sculpture

Large White Marble Lion Water Fountain Outdoor Decor for Sale MOK1-028

What a beautiful outdoor white marble lion water fountain design. This beautiful water feature creates...
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Lion Fountain Information:

Large Marble Outdoor Lion Pool Fountain for Sale MOKK-884

This exquisite and magnificent off-white marble lion sculpture would be the best decoration for your...
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marble garden wall fountain

Marble Garden Wall Fountain with Exquisite Carvings Supplier TMF-004

This marble garden wall fountain has gorgeous carvings. The exquisite presentation of figure sculptures...
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Large Lion Statue Fountain

Large Marble Landscaping Lion Fountains Outdoor Decor TMF-006

Elevate your outdoor space's elegance with our exquisite Large Marble Landscaping Lion Fountains. Crafted...
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large marble fountain

Large Marble Fountain with Lion and Kid Statues Design TMF-005

This magnificent creation is more than just a large marble fountain; it is a masterpiece crafted with...
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large garden fountains for sale-Trevi Sculpture

Marble Outdoor Large Water Fountain with Pool for Sale MOK1-011

This marble large fountain was hand-carved by a senior artist from Trevi. And its raw material is a whole...
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Details of Outdoor Fountains:

Marble Large Water Tall Outdoor Lion Fountains for Sale MOKK-920

Marble tall outdoor fountains are perfect for garden decoration. You would be shocked when you see this...
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Distinctive Marble Water Fountain Design

Tan Color Stone Marble Water Fountain Lady with Horse and Lion Head for Sale MOKK-952

Trevi has been specializing in marble hand-carved products for about 40 years since 1983. Therefore,...
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Outdoor Large Sea Lion Singapore Merlin Statues Replica for Sale TMA-27

Outdoor Large Sea Lion Singapore Merlin Statues Replica for Sale TMA-27

If you want a replica of this amazing marble Singapore sea lion statue to decoration your garden, Trevi...
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Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Fountain — a great choice for home and garden decoration. Trevi’s marble water fountains stand out due to the exceptional quality of the natural marble used and the fine carving details. All of Trevi’s Outdoor Garden Marble Fountains are meticulously crafted with details that stand out for their beauty and practicality!

Welcome to Trevi Art Sculpture and discover our extensive range of marble garden water fountains.!


Shown here are all marble garden fountains made by Trevi. Our outdoor fountains come in a wide variety of styles, including classic and best-selling marble horse fountains, layered marble fountains (including single-tier, two-tier and three-tier fountain designs), popular marble lion fountains, elegant marble Character fountains and classic Concorde fountains and more. Everything here is both beautiful and useful. They will be able to bring you a different visual enjoyment!


Natural Marble & Hand Carved Skills


All of Trevi’s marble fountains are meticulously detailed. We produce marble fountains made from natural marble blocks. With 40 years experience of in hand-carving hundreds of garden marble fountains, we gained valuable experience in working with different marble fountain projects all over the world. We will carefully check the water effect of the fountain before delivery. The smooth water flows out along the various designs of the fountain, forming a beautiful picture, exuding the charming charm of the unique water fountain!





Professional Custom Service



Trevi has professional designers. We can customize the most suitable outdoor garden fountain for you according to your requirements. From drawing to completion, every service will satisfy you!



Safe Packing and Shipping




The marble garden fountains sold by Trevi are guaranteed to be of high quality. We can not only guarantee the high quality of the source material, but also ensure the safety of the water fountain during transportation. We will use multiple layers of foam and sponge to wrap the inside, which has a good shock absorption effect. The thickness of the outer wooden box is more than 3 cm, which is durable and suitable for long-distance transportation!



Factory Price



Trevi offers factory prices for customers interested in purchasing marble fountains, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Our priority is to provide a product of excellence while maintaining a competitive price. Our commitment to quality remains unwavering, ensuring that each marble garden fountain meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. With Trevi, you can enjoy cost-effective pricing and superior product quality for your marble fountain needs.



This marble horse fountain was made for John from Boston, USA. He was hesitated to order from China because he had a bad experience with other company before. However, he was amazed to the quality and crafts of the fountain from Trevi. 

The fountain was installed in 2019, and the nice photos are taken in 2022. Our client also ordered more nice artwork in 2023 from Trevi, and, he recommend our company to his friends.


Trevi Statue typically utilize high-quality natural marble, often sourced locally, which allows for a variety of choices in color and vein patterns. Suppliers like Mily Statue prioritize the use of superior-grade marble to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal in each fountain.

While choosing a marble fountain for the garden, you must browse and decide what kind of fountain you want. You also need to find a reliable supplier to get the best quality feature, measure the size of the garden and then choose the right sized fountain, prepare the fountain, plan the wiring and route, and have installation drawings made before the actual process.

Yes, the quality of our marble fountains is guaranteed through rigorous inspection and testing to ensure high standards.

The shipping cost for the fountain is calculated based on the shipping distance and package weight. You can tell us the delivery address, and we will calculate and arrange the most suitable solution for you.

Yes, Trevi provides comprehensive customization services, allowing you to specify the design, size, and type of marble used in your fountain.

To maintain a marble fountain, you need to do a weekly water treatment, add fresh water, clean the pump, and replace the water. You also need to conduct thorough quarterly cleanings and prepare it for winters.

Delivery times can vary based on the production time for your fountain, especially if it’s a custom order, and the shipping method used. On average, sea freight might take several weeks, whereas air freight is faster but more expensive.

Yes, We provide installation guidance and even on-site support services, depending on your location and the complexity of the installation.

Yes,  We welcome customers to visit us. It’s an excellent opportunity to inspect the quality of the materials and craftsmanship and discuss your requirements in person. However, it’s advisable to schedule your visit in advance to ensure the necessary arrangements are made.

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