Large Marble Fountain with Lion and Kid Statues Design TMF-005

This magnificent creation is more than just a large marble fountain; it is a masterpiece crafted with passion and precision. Adorned with rich carvings, each element of this fountain tells a unique story of artistry and craftsmanship.
Item No: TMF-005
Size: Customized Size
Style: Western Style
Material: Marble
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptably

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The large marble fountain boasts an array of charming carvings that lend it an ethereal appeal. On the surface, you’ll find adorable child carvings that evoke a sense of innocence and joy. The base of the fountain stands mighty with fierce lion carvings, exuding a sense of power and majesty. What makes this fountain truly captivating is the inclusion of cute little angels perched on the lions, elevating the entire structure to an extraordinary level. The intricate carvings extend to each fountain bowl, where delicate flowers come to life, bestowing an aura of elegance upon the entire masterpiece.


large marble fountain

large marble fountain for sale


The Mastery of Hand-Carved Elegance:

At the heart of our large marble fountain lies the essence of skilled craftsmanship. Every carving is meticulously hand-crafted by the talented masters of the Trevi factory. Their artistic expertise breathes life into each element, ensuring that the details are not only lifelike but also imbued with an otherworldly charm. The little angels on the fountain exhibit a level of realism that is truly awe-inspiring. Their lifelike and lovely cheeks radiate a sense of divine presence, as though they have gracefully descended from the heavens. The lion sculptures, on the other hand, command respect and instill a sense of might and awe in the beholder. The mastery of the artisans is evident in every stroke, transforming natural marble into a living, breathing masterpiece.


details show for the marble fountains for sale


More Marble Fountains:

Beyond our featured large marble fountain, the Trevi factory offers an extensive range of white marble fountains, each a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in a world of divine beauty with marble fountains featuring angel sculptures, exuding serenity and grace. Alternatively, explore the symbolism of peace with our fountains adorned with dove sculptures, a perfect addition to tranquil gardens and serene spaces. For those drawn to the mystique of the sea, our Poseidon sculptures evoke the power of the ocean, bringing a touch of myth and majesty to any setting. If you seek a fusion of art and culture, our fountains with pottery sculptures combine elegance with a timeless appeal.


white marble fountains


Advantages of Trevi’s Fountain:

1. Choose the Trevi factory for an unparalleled experience in creating your dream marble fountain. Our factory houses a team of skilled marble fountain designers who excel in accuracy and creativity, ensuring your customizations are brought to life flawlessly.

2. Each completed fountain undergoes rigorous testing by our masters to guarantee an impeccable spraying effect, ensuring the fountain’s functionality is as impressive as its appearance.

3. Furthermore, we prioritize your convenience, marking each part clearly upon unpacking, making installation quick and seamless.


accept customization for the marble fountain

water testing for the finished marble fountain


Our marble fountains for sale at the Trevi factory are a testament to the harmonious fusion of art, craftsmanship, and quality. Embrace the timeless elegance and enchanting beauty of our marble fountains, and let us adorn your world with the magic of flowing water and exquisite carvings.

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