Custom Marble Statues

Our factory specializes in crafting custom marble sculptures with exceptional expertise. We offer personalized designs, With premium quality marble and meticulous craftsmanship.

exquisite life size italian marble statues for sale 4

Exquisite life Size Italian Marble Statues for Sale

The beautiful lady Italian marble statue is for sale in the Trevi factory right now, Superior materials,...
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beautiful nude woman marble garden statue outdoor decor for sale

Beautiful Nude Woman Italian Marble Garden Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale

This amazing marble garden women statue is the latest work of Trevi factory. It shows our factory's exquisite...
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Custom Marble Photo Statues of Yourself Costs for Sale

Custom Made Marble Photo Statues of Yourself Costs for Sale TMC-27

Trevi has rich experience in carving customized marble statues. Each marble statue is 100% authentic...
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life size nude girl hold jar outdoor statues

Life Size Marble Female Sculpture Holding Jar for Sale

This is a very classic marble female sculpture holding a jar in her hand, which is very beautiful and...
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Beautiful Life Size Marble Mermaid Statue Pool Decor for Sale

This stunning life size marble mermaid statue, carved from the finest white marble, promises timeless...
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White Weeping Lady Statue Memorial in Marble for Cemetery

This weeping lady statue vividly expresses love through exquisite carving techniques. The memorial sculptures...
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Life-Size Dancing Girl Nude Marble Sculpture for Sale

Introducing our exquisite pair of marble Dancing Girl sculptures, a symphony of elegance and artistry,...
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Life Size Custom Shivaji Maharaj Marble Statue for Sale

Introducing our factory's life size Shivaji Maharaj Marble Statue, meticulously carved from black marble...
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white mosaic marble bust abstract art interior decor for sale

White Mosaic Marble Bust Abstract Art Interior Decor for Sale

This abstract white marble bust is carved from high quality white marble. If you like this one, contact...
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Sunset Red Female Garden Ornaments Marble Lady Sculpture

This hand-carved marble female garden ornaments statue is a perfect fusion of art and contemplation,...
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Large Hand Marble Garden Sculpture Outdoor Decor for Sale

Trevi factory uses the highest quality marble for our large hand statues, Whatever design you like, we...
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marble bust of a man-Trevi Sculpture

Custom Made Bust Head Statue from a Photo TMC-26

Shop millions of handmade custom marble bust head statue items on the world’s most imaginative marketplace....
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As a factory of Quyang, the famous hometown of sculpture in China, we are always ready to provide you sculptures with better quality and services. Welcome to contact us or visit our factory in the following ways:

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