High-Quality Marble Baptismal Font for Catholic Church

This high-quality and beautiful marble Baptismal Font is for sale in Trevi factory. We could customize it for you according to any reasonable needs of you. What’s more, we could give you a factory price guarantee.
Item Number: TCH-229
Keywords: Religious garden statues
Keywords: garden statues of mary
Size: 170cm(67”) or customized size
Material: Natural white marble, hand-carved, polished
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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This is a beautiful marble Baptismal Font of unique design. A baptistery is a vessel or basin used in churches for baptizing believers. Some are freestanding, while others are built into the church walls. The masters of the Trevi factory use natural marble to make the baptismal basin, paying special attention to grinding and polishing the inner wall of the water part to make it smooth and beautiful. In this way, customers are beautiful and have a good experience when using it.


marble Baptismal Font-Trevi Statue


The Baptismal Font Meaning:

A baptistery is usually located near the entrance of a church, symbolizing baptism as the door into the Christian faith. Baptismal fonts are also often placed near the altar as a reminder that baptism is the first sacrament of initiation. Baptismal fonts are usually filled with water and blessed by a priest or priest prior to baptism. The baptized are then immersed in water, or poured over their heads, as a symbol of cleansing and rebirth. Overall, the baptismal font is a powerful symbol of the Christian faith, representing the cleansing and rebirth brought about by baptism and the beginning of entry into a larger community of believers.


Catholic church furniture-Trevi Statue


Various Styles to Choose from:

As a professional manufacturer of marble Catholic church furniture, the design of baptismal font has a variety of styles. Whether it is a white basin in a simple style, a marble basin in a variety of decorations, or a marble basin in a variety of colors, you could find it in the Trevi factory. In addition, Trevi could also customize the baptismal font for your church according to your preferences and requirements.


baptismal font design-Trevi Statue


Factory Outlet:

Trevi has its own factory, which could provide you with integrated services from material selection to engraving to packaging and shipping. Countless marble products are shipped directly from the Trevi factory all over the world every year. This factory direct sales model allows us to provide you with a factory price guarantee. And, if you buy more products from our factory, we would give you a bigger discount.


production site for the baptismal font design-Trevi Statue


Trevi has been making every product with heart and serving every customer enthusiastically. If you need such a marble Baptismal Font, please feel free to contact us.

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