Application of Marble Statue & The Way to Choose a Good Indoor Marble Statue


With the development and progress of the society, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, including the requirements for the decoration design of the home. Marble statue as a traditional works which are more and more used in modern home decoration,such as famous greek statue, decorative statue etc.

Indoor stone statue

The application of marble statue in modern home decoration has the following two aspects:


  1. As a decorative statue of home. Modern people are no longer confined to the needs of material life, but also have more and more changes in spiritual life. Such as famous decor marble statue crafts in the office, small marble statue crafts in home furnishings, etc., all exist to improve people’s spiritual life. This part of the statue is not very demanding in the technique of carving, but pays more attention to the overall style effect of the sculpture, such as the depiction of the overall form and the expression of the charm.


  1. Exist as a household material. This part of the marble statue is not only used more and more in home decoration, but also has great potential in many tooling places. Such as the murals in the lobby of the hotel, marble columns, indoor fountains, marble door sets in the elevators, bathtubs in the rooms, wall basins, fireplaces, etc.

stone statue application

Marble statue as one of the most extensive types of sculptures at present. How to choose a good indoor marble statue?

  1. The surface structure of the marble statue is observed by the naked eye. In general, the marble work of uniform fine structure has a delicate texture and is a good stone carving; the marble of coarse and unequal grain structure has a poor appearance. In addition, marble carvings often produce some fine cracks due to the influence of geological effects. Marble statue are most likely to break along these parts, and should be removed. As for the lack of edges and corners, it is more affecting the appearance, especially when choosing


  1. The size specification of the marble statue, so as not to affect the splicing, or cause the pattern, pattern and line deformation after splicing, affecting the decorative effect.


  1. Listen to the sound of the marble statue. In general, a good quality decorative marble statue has a crisp sound; in contrast, if there is a slight crack inside the stone or if the contact between the particles becomes loose due to weathering, the knocking sound is rough.


  1. Use a simple test method to check the quality of the indoor marble statue. Usually, a small drop of ink is dripped on the back of the marble statue. If the ink is scattered and leached everywhere, it means that the inside of the marble statue is loose or there is a gap, and the quality of the marble statue is not good. On the contrary, if the ink is not moved in place, the marble statue texture is good.

famous marble statue


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