Buy Antique Marble Tile Fireplace Mantelpiece Ornaments TMFP-16

This so exquisite brown marble antique tile fireplace would give your home decor an aristocratic look. Especially our fireplaces are carved from pure natural marble. Our excellent fireplace carving artists are always able to provide customers with satisfactory work.
Item Number: TMFP-16
Keywords: Luxury fireplace surrounds
French-style fireplace mantel
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Size: customized size
Material: Natural marble, hand carved, polished
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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This rather magnificent Gothic Revival boldly carved Caen Stone Antique Marble antique tile fireplace always catches the eye. Of course, the simple style of the mantel decoration reveals a noble atmosphere. Above this deeply carved frieze is a Languedoc marble shelf. Among them, there are seven circular patterns of alternating quatrefoil and roses.


Buy antique marble tile fireplace mantelpiece ornaments online


And, there are large end blocks on either side of the mantel legs. These prominent decorations are the arched niches. And there is a small shield in the middle of the alcove. We could fully feel the combination of the modern and classical design of the fireplace.


ornaments for mantelpiece-Trevi Marble Statuebuy mantelpiece-Trevi Marble Statueantique fireplace ornaments-Trevi Marble Statue


Decorative Details of the Fireplace:


Additionally, this antique marble tile mantel ornament features a toothed arched opening on the side. And, there are some floral carvings on the sides. It has a finely carved leaf-shaped protrusion on its top. Also, each bump sits on the base of the large pedal.


mantelpiece ornaments-Trevi Marble Statuefireplace mantel ornaments-Trevi Marble Statue


This Rococo marble antique tile fireplace is surrounded by ornate and rare ornaments. Moreover, the antique marble mantelpiece decoration could always bring people into the prosperous and elegant past. Of course, to make it finer, our artists sculpted the details of the flowers and leaves.


large marble tile fireplace-Trevi Marble Statue



This marble slab with beaded and rolled edges holds home items. Of course, there is a decorative palm floral pattern underneath the board, with a scrolling mouse corner on either side of the floral path. In addition, our artists could tailor a series of marble fireplace shapes for you. Whether you want something classic or modern, ours could be designed and carved to fit your home decor.


Home depot fireplace mental surrounds for sale


Using Pure Natural Marble:


Such an exquisite marble antique tile fireplace is made of purely natural marble. And only natural marble could show the beauty and elegance of the whole mantelpiece. Natural marble has a longer life, of course, a perfect quality marble fireplace would become a family heirloom.


antique tile fireplace-Trevi Marble Statueantique mantelpiece ornaments-Trevi Marble Statue


Feel free to contact us if you want a marble fireplace that could take your home decor to the next level. Our marble fireplace designers and artists would provide you with satisfactory solutions and exquisite works.


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