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Catholic Saint Religious Marble Statues of St Charbel for Sale TCH-41

This stunning statue of St. Charbel Catholic saint is made of purely natural marble. This sculpture could bring great value to your courtyard or area! If you are interested in him, please contact us immediately.
Item Number: TCH-41
Type: Marble Catholic statues
size: 67inches or as your request
Material: Natural marble, hand-carved, polished
Delivery time: 35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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St. Charbel Statue Description:

This St. Charbel statue is carved from white marble. The St. Charbel statue is 67 inches tall. This pure white marble adds more elegance and holiness to the saint. The saint’s expression is serious, one finger is forward. And, he held a Bible in his other hand.

Trevi artist uses deep carving techniques to bring Saint’s wrinkles to life. Moreover, we can see that the saint is wearing a very tight robe. When your parish owns this sculpture, it will surely attract many Catholics to visit.

catholic church statues


The Origin of St. Charbel:

St. Charbel is a patron of the Catholic Church. Saint Charbel was born in 1828 in a village in northern Lebanon. He is the youngest of five children in the family. St. Charbel’s parents are simple farmers. Yet he longed for holiness. Even a little boy, would go to the cave alone to pray.

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High-Quality Marble:

Trevi has been a large-scale Catholic figure carving factory for decades, and we have many high-quality marble raw materials. First of all, Trevi has a rich variety of marbles. We have Hunan white, Sichuan white, Guangxi white, and imported Carrara marble. Our stones are all-natural raw materials from the quarry. Therefore, it has a long lifespan, and this St. Charbel statue could become a treasure.


Natural High Quality Marble

More Religious Marble Sculptures

Trevi is a professional supplier of marble sculptures, with 40 years of carving experience, and is one of the best in the field of marble sculptures. We have all kinds of marble religious statues in our factory. These are all produced by our excellent artists for domestic and foreign customers.

Catholic Saint White Marble Statues of Anthony

Other Church Decorations Show:

This St. Charbel statue could be placed in the garden, church, and indoors. Meanwhile, we also have some church sculptures suitable for indoor decoration, such as marble altars, pulpits, marble Jesus, and so on. They are in different styles. Customers could choose the right decorations according to their actual situation.

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Good Comments from Customers:

Trevi has many Catholic and fathers clients. They are very satisfied with our sculptures of Catholic figures. Therefore, they often write letters to our artists on Thanksgiving to express their gratitude. In particular, Trevi’s chief artist is a Catholic, so he often maintains a close relationship with church personnel and always pays the right price.

st charbel statue for sale

If you need this St. Charbel statue, please contact us immediately. Trevi artist would carve this sacred statue for you with heart. And Trevi staff would also take care of packing the sculpture for you. Let you get a perfect sculpture.

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