Chinese Marble Dragon Statue for Outdoor Decor for Sale

The marble dragon statue is truly magnificent and grand, exuding a powerful and imposing presence. It is expertly carved by our talented artisans in the Trevi factory.
Item Number: TMA-112
Size: 60 inches or as Your Request
Material: Natural Marble
Produce Time: 7-35 Days
Delivery time: 15-35 Days
Packing: Wooden Crate

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Chinese Marble Dragon Statue Description 

Welcome to explore our unique marble dragon statue, a masterpiece showcasing a lifelike dragon form. In this sculpture, the dragon vividly opens its mouth, standing above a sea of clouds as if soaring through them. Its graceful posture and intricate detailing exude a majestic and mysterious ambiance, offering you a distinctive visual experience. This marble dragon sculpture is perfect for placement at the entrance of your home or in commercial districts.

Chinese Marble Dragon Statue Description  

Chinese Marble Dragon Statue Description  

Chinese Dragon Statues Fengshui Meaning

Chinese dragon sculptures play a significant symbolic role in Feng Shui beliefs, representing authority, dignity, strength, and good fortune. Traditionally, dragons are seen as positive symbols, carrying energetic and successful vibes. The symbolism of authority and power associated with dragons contributes to uplifting support and encouragement. Simultaneously, they signify good luck and success, attracting positive changes and wealth.

Chinese Dragon Statue’s Fengshui Meaning

In Feng Shui, dragons are believed to possess positive energy, maintaining a harmonious environment. As guardians, dragons are thought to protect individuals from malevolent forces, providing a sense of security. Hence, people often place dragon sculptures in homes or workplaces, aiming to attract positive forces and enhance overall living and working environments.

Chinese Dragon Statue’s Fengshui Meaning

Using High-Quality Marble Materials

Every marble statue crafted by Trevi exemplifies premium quality natural marble, and our Chinese Dragon Statues are no different. Meticulously selected, the highest-grade marble is used to carve this exquisite pair of animal statues, with a preference for the finest pure white marble. This ensures the longevity of our high-quality marble Chinese dragon statues, making them suitable for outdoor use without any concerns for many years to come.

Natural High Quality Marble

Trevi Uses High-quality Marble

Safe Packaging and Transportation Services

For the secure delivery of our marble dragon sculptures, we offer comprehensive packaging and transportation services. Each sculpture undergoes meticulous packaging with high-quality materials like foam, bubble wrap, and custom crates to prevent potential damage during transit. Our collaboration with experienced logistics partners, specializing in delicate artworks, ensures professional handling from careful loading to transportation and unloading, minimizing the risk of any mishaps.

Safely Delivered to Your Home

Different Marble Dragon Statue Options

Our collection of marble dragon statues offers customization in size to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select a marble base that complements your chosen statue. Should you require sizes beyond this range, we are fully equipped to accommodate your preferences. Moreover, Trevi boasts a diverse range of marble dragon statue models spanning various styles, with ample stock availability ensuring swift delivery. Rest assured, there’s always a design that perfectly aligns with your unique taste and style.

Different Marble Dragon Statue Options

Trevi would provide you with the highest quality marble animal statues with standards. Please contact us for detailed information and prices.

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