Custom Marble Woman Sculpture and Marble Bust Project


Project Introduction

Project Country: the United States

Project Time: December 2023

Trevi specializes in creating custom marble sculptures and busts and for our esteemed Australian clients, We provide the highest quality service and products. With a keen eye for art and a deep appreciation for sculpture, our clients have chosen replicas of renowned artists from the Renaissance period. Giovanni Battista’s sculptures epitomize the grace and refinement of the Renaissance era, characterized by intricate detailing and masterful execution. These exquisite custom sculptures embody the artistic expertise of our factory. Crafted meticulously from marble, each sculpture showcases the timeless beauty and elegance that comes with fine art.

Project Display

Marble Woman Sculpture Factory Display:

Marble Bust Sculpture Factory Display:

Original Artwork:

Project Process

The Making of Clay Models:

These two marble sculptures are customized shapes, so to restore the original works, our factory will make clay models. Our clay model artists have decades of experience, and the clay models they make are very delicate and perfect.

Hand Carving Process Update:

Our sculptures are all hand-carved. We update customers on the carving progress of the sculptures on time, and we have a professional quality inspection team to ensure the final quality of the sculptures.

Trevi factory has been established for 40 years, has rich experience in overseas trade, and is proficient in a variety of overseas transportation processes to ensure that goods are safely delivered to customers’ doorsteps.

Feedback Shared by Our Customer

After receiving our marble female sculptures and busts, the client expressed great satisfaction and acknowledged that they are indeed excellent pieces of spatial art decoration. They recognized the exceptional craftsmanship and acknowledged that these marble sculptures were truly remarkable artistic additions.

Trevi Factory’s Determination to Be the Best

At Trevi marble carving factory, we are committed to producing the finest marble sculptures while providing top-notch customer service. Our goal is to create the best marble artworks that will leave a lasting impression. We strive for excellence in our craftsmanship and prioritize delivering a seamless and exceptional experience to our valued customers.

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