Costa Rica Church Renovation Project

This is a project to renovate an old church. The customer ordered the marble altar, pulpit, cathedra, and floors from You Fine. All products were completed and shipped in May 2020. In November the customer redecorated the church and opened it to the public.

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Why customer choose Trevi?

Trevi carving artists specialize in church sculpture and are devout Catholic disciples. So we make an altar, pulpit, and cathedra with religious reverence. All of our products are made of natural marble and carved by hand with exquisite workmanship. Finally, the customers choose us.



This is what the church looked like before. Trevi worked with the customer to design the church. Each product was designed with the efforts of the entire team.



We considered the comfort when the preachers or priests stand to conduct the sermon, the marble pulpit was required to be carved according to the height of the priests. So every detail needs to be discussed and confirmed. We are also very strict when carving, whether it is the pulpit top where the Bible is placed or the floor where the priest stands. It is all custom-made.



The cathedra serves as the position of the bishop. In order to show the exquisite and sacred, the cathedra and the altar are located in the same center line of the church. So Trevi chooses Grade A white marble and beige marble to carve it.



The altar is the core of the whole church, where hold the consecration or benediction. and also was the most complex and delicate carving of the whole project. Trevi focuses on elegant designs rather than a luxury for the church. With respect to the dignity of the whole church, we would emphasize using real natural marble in the selection of materials.



The base was made of three steps, and the surface was covered with brown marble floors, which both enhances the height and contrasts strongly with the white marble cathedra, highlighting the solemnity of the cathedra.



The church floors were made of natural marble with their own unique pattern. Paved and confirmed in advance before shipping to the customer, and marked the serial number on the back, so that customers could install it by themselves.



Finally, all the products were finished. The pulpit, cathedra, and altar all shine with sacred light under the sun.



Trevi would choose 3cm thick wood for a strong package. In order to protect the complete pattern of the marble floors, the packaging is more rigorous to ensure that each piece is complete.



Finally, products were all shipped to the church in Costa Rica. The workers set out to renovate the church. Sunlight has reflected the ground through the stained glass windows, adding color and sacredness to the church. Do you remember what the church used to look like?



The customer has renovated the old church with a marble pulpit, cathedra, altar, and all the marble floors purchased from Trevi. The results were so amazing! Trevi also believes that sculpting products from the heart will lead to the most beautiful results!



We are also proud that the products we sculpt appear all over the world and to be a great decoration. We consider the project was a successful renovation. We hope Trevi’s products will be recognized by more and more customers and friends in the future.


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