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Factory Direct Supply Famous Venus and Adonis White Marble Statue Decor for Sale MOKK-322,High Quality And Affordable Price

Venus and Adonis statues-Trevi Sculpture

Famous Venus and Adonis White Marble Statue Decor for Sale MOKK-322

This famous Venus and Adonis White Marble Statue was design by the ancient Roman poet Ovid. Here at TREVI Art Sculpture, we have the experienced marble masters that could provide you with the highest quality restored version.
Item No: MOKK-322
Size: Customized Size
Material: Natural Marble
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptable
Technique: Art-quality Hand Carved, Polished
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Advantage: Factory Direct, Door to Door Delivery
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White Marble Statue Detail:


Venus and Adonis’s white marble statues are from a mythical story of ancient Rome. The story is from the tenth volume of the “Transformation” written by Ovid in 8 AD. Venus is a goddess of love and beauty, and at the same time is the goddess of birth and navigation, corresponding to the Greek mythology of Aphrodite. Adonis is a very beautiful and attractive young man who is in charge of a very beautiful god who is born and resurrected every year in Greek mythology.


Venus and Adonis statue-Trevi Sculpture

neoclassicism art movement-Trevi Sculpture


One day, Venus and his son Cupid were hurt by Cupid’s bow when they were playing. The wound was deeper than Venus imagined. At the time of wound healing, Venus met Adonis and fell in love at first sight.


Venus and Adonis White Marble Statue


The Advantage of Marble Statue:


1. Our factory is dedicated to doing special things, and our marble sculptors are carving marble statues all year round, which could perfectly show the essence of the characters.

2. For special or real-life marble sculptures, we would make a clay model first, then we would find customers to modify and confirm the model several times until the customer is satisfied, and finally craving.

3. All of our marble statues have a 30-year quality guarantee, which means that if you find an unusual problem with your purchased sculpture, you can quickly approach you Fine for the necessary solution.


Venus statue-Trevi Sculptureroman venus statue-Trevi Sculpture



What is the price of a Marble Statue?


We would calculate the white marble statue according to the size of the sculpture you need, the type of marble materials you choose, and the transportation method. And please believe that we have the professional QC team to provide you with the most reasonable price.


Venus and Adonis White Marble Statue for sale


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