15 Most Popular Catholic Church Statues for Your Home or Community Church


Throughout history, Catholic church statues have played a significant role, serving as visual representations of saints, biblical figures, and divine attributes. Today, many individuals and communities seek to bring this sacred art into their homes or community churches, creating spaces of reverence and inspiration. In this blog post, we will explore the 15 most popular Catholic church statues that you can acquire for your personal or communal place of worship.


1. The Blessed Virgin Mary


1. The Blessed Virgin Mary:

A symbol of purity and grace, statues depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary evoke devotion and serve as a focal point for prayer and contemplation. Whether it is the classic portrayal of Our Lady of Grace or the regal depiction of Our Lady of Guadalupe, having a statue of Mary in your home or church provides a powerful reminder of her intercession and maternal care.


1. The Blessed Virgin Mary


2. Saint Joseph:

As the earthly father of Jesus, Saint Joseph represents strength, faith, and paternal care. His statue can inspire individuals and families seeking guidance and protection. The statue of Saint Joseph holding the Child Jesus reminds us of his role as a loving guardian and his unwavering trust in God’s plan.


2. Saint Joseph


3. Saint Francis of Assisi:

Known for his love for nature and animals, Saint Francis of Assisi’s statue is a reminder of the importance of caring for God’s creation and embodying compassion. The statue of Saint Francis surrounded by birds or animals captures his humility and harmonious relationship with all creatures.


3. Saint Francis of Assisi


4. Saint Anthony of Padua:

A beloved patron saint, Saint Anthony’s statue is sought after by those in search of lost items or seeking intercession in finding a soulmate. The statue often depicts him holding the Christ Child, symbolizing his closeness to Jesus and his role as a finder of lost things.


4. Saint Anthony of Padua


5. Saint Therese of Lisieux:

The “Little Flower” is known for her simplicity, devotion, and the “little way” of love. A statue of Saint Therese can bring comfort and inspire acts of kindness. Look for a statue that portrays her holding a bouquet of roses, symbolizing her spiritual offerings to God.


5. Saint Therese of Lisieux


6. Saint Michael the Archangel:

Symbolizing spiritual protection and the triumph of good over evil, a statue of Saint Michael is a powerful addition to any devotional space. Opt for a statue that depicts him vanquishing the dragon, representing his role as the defender of the faith and the heavenly battles against evil.


6. Saint Michael the Archangel


7. Saint Jude:

Patron of desperate cases and impossible causes, Saint Jude’s statue represents hope and unwavering faith during challenging times. A statue of Saint Jude typically portrays him holding an image of Jesus or a flame, symbolizing his association with hope and miracles.


7. Saint Jude


8. Saint Padre Pio:

A contemporary saint, Saint Padre Pio’s statue serves as a reminder of his extraordinary faith, healing abilities, and the importance of prayer. Look for a statue that displays the stigmata, the wounds of Christ, on his hands, representing his intimate union with Christ’s suffering.


8. Saint Padre Pio


9. Saint Bernadette:

Known for her visions of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, Saint Bernadette’s statue embodies humility, faith, and the power of miracles. Opt for a statue that captures her kneeling in prayer, with the vision of Our Lady appearing before her, symbolizing the profound spiritual encounters she experienced.


9. Saint Bernadette


10. Saint John Paul II:

A beloved pope, Saint John Paul II’s statue honors his influential papacy, teachings, and commitment to spreading the message of love and peace. Look for a statue that showcases his warm smile, encouraging posture, and signature staff, representing his role as the Shepherd of the Church.


10. Saint John Paul II


11. Divine Mercy:

The image of the Divine Mercy depicts Jesus with rays of red and white light, representing His boundless love and mercy for humanity. A statue can be a source of solace and a reminder of forgiveness. Choose a statue that displays Jesus with His hand raised in blessing and His heart exposed, inviting us to trust in His mercy.


11. Divine Mercy


12. Sacred Heart of Jesus:

A statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus represents Christ’s divine love, compassion, and His willingness to embrace all who seek Him. It inspires devotion and a deeper connection to His unconditional love. Look for a statue that portrays Jesus with His heart aflame and encircled by a crown of thorns, symbolizing His sacrificial love for humanity.


12. Sacred Heart of Jesus


13. Holy Family:

A statue representing the Holy Family—Jesus, Mary, and Joseph—is a central focal point in a Catholic church. It reflects the importance of the family unit and serves as a reminder of Jesus’ upbringing and the virtues exemplified by the Holy Family statue.


13. holy family


14. The Pieta:

One of the most iconic statues in Catholic art, the Pieta depicts the sorrowful scene of the Virgin Mary cradling the lifeless body of Jesus after the Crucifixion. Created by the renowned sculptor Michelangelo, the Pieta captures the profound grief and maternal love of Mary. Placing a replica or representation of the Pieta in a Catholic church evokes deep emotions and serves as a poignant reminder of Christ’s sacrifice and Mary’s compassion. It symbolizes the intercession of Mary as the Mother of Sorrows and invites contemplation on the ultimate act of redemption.


14. marble pieta


15. Saint Anne with Mary:

The mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Anne holds a significant place in Catholic tradition. A statue of Saint Anne with Mary as a child represents the generational connection and the importance of family in the faith. It symbolizes the role of Saint Anne as a model of faith and her intercession for mothers and families.


15. Saint Anne with Mary



Incorporating Catholic church statues into your home or community church provides a tangible representation of faith, inspiration, and devotion. These 15 popular statues, each with its own significance and intercessory power, can enrich your spiritual journey and serve as reminders of the saints’ virtuous lives. Whether you seek solace, protection, or a deeper connection with God and His saints, these statues offer a profound way to enhance your worship and create sacred spaces that invite reflection, prayer, and a deeper understanding of Catholic traditions.

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