Difficult to choose! Marble or granite?


When we decide to buy a statue, probably the first consideration in the design and whether the design is what we like. A question that immediately follows is what stone to choose. Synthetic stone is not much to introduce, to buy a classic statue, preferred natural stone.



So, what should we choose? Marble or granite?


First, let’s compare the two stones from three aspects:

Hardness: granite is mainly composed of feldspar, quartz, a very hard product. Marble is the transformation of a stone called a sedimentary stone, which basically originated from limestone and later transformed into marble. During the process of metamorphosis into marble underneath, other minerals are mixed into the marble, giving the stone its attractive color.


Durability: Granite is often considered to be the most durable natural material and is known for its resistance to cracking. Like granite, marble is very strong and resistant to damage. However, the porous walls of marble make it easier to color than granite.


Color: Due to the nature of the stone, marble will have a better gloss and a high grade. And the color is also varied. The color of granite is relatively much less. Tracing the history of the statue, there will be more statues made of marble.



If it is a figure statue, which needs to carve a lot of details, granite is difficult to carve due to its own hardness limitation. Marble is more recommended. Granite is usually used to make building facades, floors, and walls in public areas, etc.



Through the above comparison, I would prefer you to buy the statue of marble. the statue itself is a kind of art, so the glossy feeling that marble comes with is one of the art, a gift from nature. It makes people’s living environment better and better.



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