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Large House Solid Marble Corinthian Columns for Sale TMC-11

Our artists are very good at carving beautiful marble columns. Especially we provide customized service. Therefore, both the decorative items on the column and the size of the column could meet the customer’s requirements.
Item Number: TMC-11
Keywords: Marble empire columns
Architectural columns home depot
Decorative pillars and columns for weddings
Size: Customized size
Material: Natural marble, hand-carved, polished
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Large Columns Detail:


The classical large house solid travertine corinthian columns are often hand carved and created in white marble and beige marble. Also, granite and sandstone are available for carving corinthian columns and pillars. Furthermore, the white marble column is the most popular and elegant, fine white marble creates the column in pure, beauty and elegance, adding long-lasting ornaments for the home porch.


square porch columns-Trevi Sculpture

structural porch columns-Trevi Sculpture


Origin of Marble Columns:


Corinthian columns are the main column types for Greece temples in Greece, and they are one mark of the symbols of the Greek civilization. In the first century BC, Augustus times Roman military engineers and architect Vitruvian wrote “building ten books”. In the book, he reveals the ancient Greek temple’s three pillar-type origins.


round interior columns-Trevi Sculpture


And the Romans inherited the Greek pillar type, and modified it, to perfect the column type. Collins was widely used to build large-scale, ornate buildings, and created a kind and love of stigma. Collins on stigma one hybrid pillar type. Because of this columns pillars type has been spread until now, so the “Rome column” name from this and come.


Outdoor decorative white marble corinthian columns for wdding decor

Modern large round support architectural columns for porch

Bring a Sense of Class:


The white marble is perfect as the indoor and outdoor decoration of large house solid columns, sometimes, people customize the column in their wanted sizes to fit the house and building, never miss the house solid travertine corinthian columns for your home and architecture, when you choose white marble to customize the column, it means your home or architecture gets the classic in eternity.


how to modernize interior columns-Trevi Sculpture


If you want high-quality marble pillars for decoration house building please feel free to contact us. Our factory would provide you with professional column purchase guidance and advice. And, our all-natural marble columns would bring a sense of class to your family home.


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