Life Size Cupid and Psyche Marble Angel Statue for Sale MOKK-872

Our marble Cupid and Psyche statues are popular for adorning home gardens and outdoor squares. With our factory’s expertise in producing marble sculptures, we ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Item No: MOKK-872
Size: Customized Size
Material: Natural Marble
About Us: 39 Years Factory
Insurance: Cover all the risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Color: Pure white&red marble or customized

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Cupid and Psyche Marble Statues Introduction:

Life-size marble Cupid and Psyche statues are always popular decorations in home gardens or outdoor squares. The story of Cupid and Psyche was a popular one during the neoclassical period. The sculptor Canova produced many sculptural versions of their story. There are two in the Louvre.

Cupid and Psyche Marble Angel Statue


Art is life is love:

This standing marble statue of Cupid and Psyche expresses the innocence of young love. Cupid encircles the reclining Psyche. This classic shape is not only world-famous but also the best sculpture in our factory. The beautiful details of lovers bloom here.



About Trevi Marble Statue:

This beautiful marble statue of Cupid and Psyche will be a true masterpiece to add to your collection. This replica was created by our master sculptor. Our marble carvers learned the art of carving at a very young age and have many years of experience carving marble statues. So our artisans can replicate any masterpiece.

Famous Marble Statues

FAQ about Buying Statues:

1、Can I see the production process?

Yes, you can. We will provide you with production photos at any time. We will not package the product until we have your approval of the final product. Meanwhile, you are warmly welcome to visit our factory.

2、What is the packaging?

The inner packaging is usually plastic film and foam, while the outer packaging is made of wood. We can also have several other packaging methods available to our customers.

Safe Packaging and Shipping

Trevi Factory’s Advantages

Intricate Carving Detail:

We specialize in creating famous marble sculptures with strikingly lifelike details. Our artisans possess a mastery of intricate carving techniques, ensuring that each sculpture is imbued with a remarkable level of realism and precision.

Intricate Carving Detail:

Usage of Premium Marble Material:

Trevi exclusively utilizes high-quality marble sourced for its purity and durability. This choice of premium marble not only ensures the authenticity of the sculptures but also guarantees their longevity and resistance to wear, maintaining their aesthetic appeal over time.

Usage of Premium Marble Material: 

Tailored Customization Services:

We offer personalized services, allowing clients to request customizations on sculptures. Whether it’s adjusting dimensions, specific detailing, or creating unique pieces, our team accommodates diverse preferences, ensuring each client’s vision is met with the utmost satisfaction.

Tailored Customization Services:

If you want a Greek marble sculpture to decorate your space, please feel free to contact us, We have professional sales staff to reply you promptly.

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