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Marble Veiled Lady Statue Undine Rising from the Waters Replica for Sale

Experience timeless elegance with our Marble Veiled Lady Statue, a stunning replica inspired by the iconic ‘Undine Rising from the Waters.’ Immerse your space in artistry and sophistication.
Item No: TMC-80
Size: Customized Size
Material: Natural Marble
About Us: 40 Years Factory
Insurance: Cover all the risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Technique: Art-quality Hand Carved, Polished
Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, PayPal

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Undine Rising from the Waters Statue Introduction

“Undine Rising from the Waters” is a famous sculpture created by the 19th-century German sculptor Ernst von Bandel. The sculpture “Undine Rising from the Waters” is inspired by this legendary fairy figure and shows the moment Undine rises from the water. The sculpture captures her graceful posture and the flow of water, creating a stunning artistic image. This sculpture is often considered one of the representatives of German Romantic sculpture, demonstrating the artist’s deep understanding of natural, mysterious, and romantic themes.


The “Undine Rising from the Waters” sculpture is often seen as a crossover between art and literature, translating literary legend into a unique expression of sculpture. This theme left a profound impact on art history and became one of the symbols of German Romantic art in the 19th century.

Marble Veiled Lady Statue Undine Rising from the Waters Replica for Sale

Undine Rising from the Waters Replica’s value

Imitations of sculptures also have investment potential. Since the original sculpture is a famous work of art, its replica may be appreciated in the future for its aesthetic value and historical significance. The art market often shows a certain degree of attention to imitations with unique historical origins and cultural connotations, so buyers are likely to enjoy a return on their investment in the future.


Most importantly, purchasing replicas of sculptures allows you to incorporate art into their daily lives, adding a unique artistic atmosphere to their home or office space. This is not only an appreciation of art, but also a manifestation of cultural heritage. The well-made and highly restored imitations allow buyers to experience the artistic emotions and cultural connotations conveyed by the originals in their own space, adding a lot of color to life.

undine rising from the waters replica for sale 2

The Story Behind Veiled Lady Undine Statue

The sculpture is based on legends and mythological images from German Romantic literature. Undine is the name of a water nymph who is depicted as a nymph or water spirit in German and other European literature and traditions. The story of Undine is based on the novel Undine by Otto Friedrich Wilhelm Schaden. According to legend, Undine was a water spirit who fell in love with a human man and sought to obtain his soul. Her stories involve love, sacrifice, and supernatural elements.

undine rising from the waters for sale

Trevi Factory’s Advantages of Famous Statues

Intricate Carving Detail:

We specialize in creating famous marble sculptures with strikingly lifelike details. Our artisans possess a mastery of intricate carving techniques, ensuring that each sculpture is imbued with a remarkable level of realism and precision.

undine rising from the waters replica for sale 1

Usage of Premium Marble Material:

Trevi exclusively utilizes high-quality marble sourced for its purity and durability. This choice of premium marble not only ensures the authenticity of the sculptures but also guarantees their longevity and resistance to wear, maintaining their aesthetic appeal over time.

Usage of Premium Marble Material: 

Tailored Customization Services:

We offer personalized services, allowing clients to request customizations on famous marble sculptures. Whether it’s adjusting dimensions, specific detailing, or creating unique pieces, our team accommodates diverse preferences, ensuring each client’s vision is met with satisfaction.

Famous Marble Statues

If you want a marble garden statue like this Life-size undine rising from the waters replica to decorate your space, please feel free to contact us, We have professional sales staff to reply to you promptly.

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