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Factory Direct Supply Marble Columns from Trevi Art,High Quality And Affordable Price

marble columns from trevi art

Marble Columns from Trevi Art

Trevi Art has been focusing on stone carving since 1983 […]

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Trevi Art has been focusing on stone carving since 1983, from a family workshop in Quyang,hometown of detailed carving in north of China.

Main stone carvings are marble sculpture,marble gazebo,marble fountain,architectural decor.

Famous outdoor modern marble art sculptures life size Venus de milo marble statues designs for decor in italy

Marble column is one of the most important artchitectural decors such as round porch column,porch column home depot,square porch column,custom porch column,ect.

Or classified as roman column, Greek column, Corinthian column, ionic column and Doric column.


White marble corinthian roman pillars for weddings exterior designs

The stone carving skill is inherited from generation to generation.Most maters are Quyang local masters,very professional and skillful.

Customized design and size are welcomed.

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