Marble Rolling Sphere Water Feature Globe Fountain for Sale MOK1-016

This exquisite black marble sphere water fountain is modern and classic. If you like this water sphere fountain please feel free to contact us.
Item Number: MOK1-016
Delivery time: 35 days
Packing: Wooden crate
Type: sphere water fountain
size: In accordance with the requirement
Material: Natural beige marble, hand-carved, polished

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Details of the Water Sphere Fountain:

This black marble water sphere fountain is carved from high-quality natural granite. Also, engrave the map appearance of the Earth on top of the sphere. Now, this style of marble water ball fountain is very popular. Especially after the black granite is polished, the appearance is very smooth. Therefore, our water ball fountain could rotate smoothly in the water flow. Trevi has been carving marble water balls for 39 years. Our artist has mastered the rotation principle of the water ball very proficiently. Therefore, you can trust us. Trevi’s water ball fountain is sure to please you.

Details of the Water Sphere Fountain

Using Natural Black Marble:

Trevi’s sphere fountains are made of natural high-quality marble. We have a complete range of marbles. First of all, we have natural granite marble in different colors. Any color you want we could meet your needs. Moreover, these high-quality marbles are all-natural and have a unique beauty. In addition, natural high-quality marble has been used for hundreds of years. And, ours is a direct factory, we could reach the best price. So, at Trevi, you would get a water fountain at a great value.

Using Natural Black Marble

Safe Packaging Solutions:

Trevi could ensure that the packaging of the marble fountain is very safe. We all know that these smooth spheres could not be bumped. Once the surface of the sphere is damaged, it would affect the rotation of the sphere. So, on top of the packaging, we use a lot of soft foam on the inside of our fountain. Then, on the outer layer of the fountain, a strong wooden box is used for fixing. Also, where the crates and fountains touch, we use more foam for protection. And, we have stable freight forwarders all over the country. The absolute strength of Trevi would make you satisfied with the water fountain.

Safe Packaging Regulations:

Trevis Advantages of Making Kugel Fountains

Trevi has 40 years of experience in Marble Floating Ball Fountain making. Our Marble Fountains are unanimously appreciated by our customers for their high quality. we have our factory, which could provide you with a one-stop service. Trevi factory has several advantages in producing marble Kugel Fountains with the assurance of their functionality, including the following:

Marble Granite Ball Fountain Options

Expertise in Mechanisms: With extensive experience in manufacturing Kugel Fountains, the factory possesses knowledge of the mechanical aspects involved. They excel at crafting and integrating the necessary components to ensure the smooth rotation of the ball in the fountain. Also, The factory employs skilled engineers who meticulously design and engineer the Kugel Fountains. Their attention to detail includes creating a balanced system that allows for precise rotation while maintaining stability.

YouFine’s Advantages of Making Kugel Fountains

Rigorous Testing: Before delivery, the factory conducts rigorous testing to verify the functionality and movement of the Kugel Fountains. This ensures that each fountain meets the required performance standards and can successfully rotate as intended.

Please feel free to contact us for more sphere water fountain styles. Trevi’s sales consultants would give you a reply and provide you with a satisfactory solution as soon as possible.

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