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Meanings of Different Posts of Marble Elephant Sculpture

Among the animal sculpture series, there are many types […]

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Among the animal sculpture series, there are many types of sculptures that are popular among the public. Some are exquisite and cute, some are magnificent, and different shapes are suitable for indoor and outdoor venues, and each animal sculpture can be used as decoration. Its symbolic meaning is also one of the reasons why people of ancient times and today value it very much. Today, we talk about the more common elephant sculptures, which have different meanings.

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The elephant body is huge, and the marble elephant sculpture is shaped as a large-scale elephant sculpture. The main difference is the orientation of the nose, the stolen goods on the back, and some elephants. The Marble elephant sculpture nose is facing the sky, some are facing the ground, and some are facing forward and backward. The marble elephant sculpture is good at water absorption and the water is fortune. Therefore, the feng shui effect of the marble elephant sculpture is very significant, and the nose shape of the elephant sculpture is fortune. The embodiment of the source of wealth, the elephant sculpture of the nose to the sky, the elephant’s nose must be higher than the body, in order to show the advantage of absorbing money, and the saying of the wealth of all things to the earth is particularly applicable in business, representing the fortune of wealth, nose The forward elephant sculpture has the meaning of drawing wealth from the front. It is more commonly used in financial institutions. It is also suitable for residential gates. It has the feng shui effect of Wang Cai, and then there is the elephant sculpture with the nose backward, which has the fortune of the other side. It is said that especially in the same industry, the elephant sculpture with the nose backwards helps the increase of wealth. In addition to the nose is a prominent symbol of elephant sculpture, the characters and back items on the elephant’s body are also rich in symbolic meanings, such as the lucky elephant sculpture, the blessed elephant sculpture, the elephant with the lighthouse on the back, and the aquarius. Sculptures and so on are closely related to ancient traditional culture, and gradually enriched the intrinsic meaning in the process of human development.

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The magnified image sculpture can bring auspiciousness and a variety of shapes, which gives us more choices. However, because of its different symbolism, it is not arbitrary in its selection. It should be placed according to its own needs. Environment, and other factors to choose the right shape, specifications, etc.