Outdoor Marble Artemis Diana Statue Garden Decor for Sale MOKK-72

This garden decoration is a life-size marble Artemis Diana statue. This sculpture also features stags showing the might of nature and the woodland goddess.
Item Number: MOKK-72
Type: Famous marble statues
size: 50inches or as your request
Material: Natural marble, hand-carved, polished
Delivery time: 35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Introducing Artemis Diana Statue:

This marble Artemis Diana statue has received rave reviews from clients. Artemis Diana statue is known as a childbirth and a female virgin goddess. Artemis Diana was one of the three goddesses whom Minerva and Ashta swore they would never marry. Oak trees and deer are especially sacred to Artemis Diana.

Artemis Diana and her twin brother Apollo were born on the Isle of Latona, and she is the daughter of Jupiter and the Isle of Man. Artemis Diana carries a quiver and is often seen with bucks. Trevi’s outdoor garden decoration Artemis Diana statue is very beautiful. Especially Artemis Diana, the clothes are so real, and her facial expressions are very brave. Outdoor garden decor marble life-size Artemis Diana statue with stag show nature and woodland goddess in full form with a bow and arrow bags. Therefore, choosing Trevi’s Artemis Diana sculpture would bring you a beautiful visual experience. 

Marble Statues Made

Introducing Artemis Diana Statue

Mythological image of Artemis Diana:

According to Roman mythology, Diana was considered the goddess of the wild or hunting. She is closely related to forests and animals. According to Greek mythology, Artemis was born to Leto and Zeus. Artemis is a young girl associated with hunting, animals, virginity, and childbirth. She is often depicted as a huntress with a bow and arrow. 

Mythological image of Artemis Diana

Both Artemis and Diana are depicted in the same way. They are depicted as young women. Diana and Artemis both wear short skirts when depicting the goddess of the hunt. And they carried bows and arrows and quivers on their shoulders. They also carry hounds or deer. When depicted as the moon goddess, both goddesses are depicted with veils covering their faces.

Outdoor Marble Artemis Diana Statue Garden Decor for Sale

Top Sculpting Artists:

Trevi’s top artist is an experienced master craver. So he knew very well these mythological figures of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. And before each statue leaves the factory, he restores the details. Especially the face of the Greek goddess, our artist made sure the Diana statue was perfect. Moreover, Trevi’s figure sculpture is a benchmark in the Chinese sculpture industry, and we always insist on using high-quality stone. And, Trevi ensures that each Diana goddess of the Hunt famous sculpture is of the ultimate aesthetics.

Exquisite Hand-Carving and Polishing Skills

Trevi Factory’s Advantages of Famous Statues

Intricate Carving Detail: We specialize in creating famous marble sculptures with strikingly lifelike details. Our artisans possess a mastery of intricate carving techniques, ensuring that each sculpture is imbued with a remarkable level of realism and precision.

Intricate Carving Detail:

Usage of Premium Marble Material: Trevi exclusively utilizes high-quality marble sourced for its purity and durability. This choice of premium marble not only ensures the authenticity of the sculptures but also guarantees their longevity and resistance to wear, maintaining their aesthetic appeal over time.

Usage of Premium Marble Material: 

Tailored Customization Services: We offer personalized services, allowing clients to request customizations on sculptures. Whether it’s adjusting dimensions, specific detailing, or creating unique pieces, our team accommodates diverse preferences, ensuring each client’s vision is met with satisfaction.

Tailored Customization Services:

Trevi believes that you would be very pleased with the look of our Artemis Diana with deer statues. If you like this Roman goddess Diana sculpture, please contact us immediately. Trevi would provide you with professional and detailed descriptions.

Artemis Diana statue

Trevi believes that you would be very pleased with the look of our famous marble statues. If you like this Roman goddess Diana sculpture, please contact us immediately. Trevi would provide you with professional and detailed descriptions.

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