The purged: the mother of Jesus, Madonna


Madonna has different names and identities in different countries and denominations.

In Christianity, Madonna is often called the virgin Mary because she believes that without her husband, she can give birth to Jesus through the holy spirit. In Islam, she is called Maryam and qnitah and it symbolizes continued obedience to god and the absorption of prayer and prayer in Islam. Madonna is also known as “tahira,” which means “one who is purged” and represents her status in the creation (and only woman) of two people who are never touched by satan at any time.


Catholic outdoor sculptures of madonna mary statue designs for sale
Catholic outdoor sculptures of madonna mary statue designs for sale


The nativity scene in France.The main character of Santa Claus is the virgin Mary.The decree of augustus, the Roman emperor, required Joseph to return to his native Bethlehem to register for the Roman census.When he and Mary were there, she gave birth to Jesus.But because there was no place for them in the hotel, she used a manger as a cradle. Eight days later, he was circumcised according to jewish law and named Jesus.The Lord is salvation.

Mary also depicted the women of existence standing at the crucifixion of the crucifixion “the disciple whom Jesus loved,” along with Mary magdalene of cleopa-mary, “the mother of the son of zebedee.”This representation is called stable.Although it is not recorded in the gospels, Mary holding her son’s body is a common theme in art called “mercy” or “mercy.”


Catholic outdoor sculptures of madonna mary statue for garden
Catholic outdoor sculptures of madonna mary statue for garden


In the west, in the early middle ages, the Byzantine model of monks was closely watched, but in the 12th and 13th centuries, the worship of the virgin mary became increasingly important, and various types were developed to satisfy a more intense form of personal piety.In the usual gothic and Renaissance formulas, the virgin Mary and baby Jesus sit on her lap or in her arms.In early statements, when the virgin was enthroned, the child might be fully aware of raising his hand as a sign of blessing.

In the 17th century, the concept of “portrait of the virgin Mary” or “statue of the virgin Mary” entered people’s eyes, mainly referring to Italian Renaissance works.In the context of orthodox christians, this image is often referred to as a “divine being”.Madonna may often be used to represent Mary’s image, whether baby Jesus or not, as the focal point and central figure of the image, possibly surrounded or surrounded by angels or saints.Other types of images of marian have narrative backgrounds and depict scenes of the life of the virgin Mary, such as the virgin Mary to Mary, which is not usually called “Madonna”.


Catholic outdoor sculptures of life size madonna mary statue for sale
Catholic outdoor sculptures of life size madonna mary statue for sale


After Jesus died, Mary disappeared from the biblical narrative.Her death is not recorded in the bible, but Catholic and orthodox traditions and doctrines have led her to assume heaven.The belief in Mary‘s body hypothesis is the doctrine of the Catholic church, and in the Catholic churches of Latin and eastern Europe, it is also believed by the orthodox church, as well as some Anglican churches and the continuing Anglican movement.


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