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As we know, the Mary which has different names in different countries is same person in fact.  but we can do thousands of designs about the Madonna with Jesus Statue. In the city- Bruges of Belgium,the great mother-Madonna is presented in a special way as the following picture: this the replica of  michelangelo Bruges madonna and child statue.



Bruges madonna and child statue michelangelo 


From the picture, we can find the expression on Madonna’s face, the beautiful marble Madonna does not look smiling but earnest and calm. The elegant Madonna’s son–Jesus is not leaned fully on Madonna or held by Madonna, but the little Jesus is cling to step away from his kind mother –Madonna, at the same time, Madonna gazes down and away, behaving quite calm and unhurried.


Catholic statues of madonna and child garden statue designs


When our crafters grave the expression on Madonna’s face,they need to do quite carefully ,trying their best to make the sculpture lifelike.about the posture of Jesus, it is more attractive for such mother-son sculpture,every motion conveys some kind of meaning.


Catholic garden statues of madonna and child outdoor sculpture designs


The history about the madonna garden statue: it was removed twice from Belgium after its initial arrival. The first was in 1794,and the second is in 1972, the sculpture was placed behind bulletproof glass, and the public can only view it from 15 feet away.