Where do You Put the Mother Mary Statue?


Marble Virgin Mary sculptures are beloved in Europe and America for their embodiment of religious, spiritual, and cultural values. These artworks, depicting the grace and love of the Virgin Mary, offer a sense of comfort and sanctity. Crafted intricately from marble, they not only hold religious significance but also possess artistic value with detailed lines and lifelike expressions. Whether enhancing indoor spaces like living rooms or auditoriums or gracing outdoor gardens, these sculptures bring an air of elegance and tranquility. Regardless of individual beliefs, their universal aesthetic and cultural appeal make them sought-after decorations, adding depth and spiritual meaning to any environment.

Marble Virgin Mary sculpture

This life-size marble sculpture of Mary is dressed in neat holy robes. And this sculpture is very suitable for church flower beds. The face of the Virgin Mary peacefully prays for the people. Of course, you could place it in front of a marble bench for a quiet religious atmosphere

Marble Virgin Mary sculpture

Where the Mary Statue Could be Placed?

1. Indoor Spaces:

a) Church: The outdoor Mother Mary statue could be placed almost anywhere in the church, as long as it is in the right place. It would be inappropriate to place the Madonna in the center of the church and place the Tabernacle or the cross in a secondary position. It is customary to have a Marian side altar on the right side of the church.

Where the Mary Statue Could be Placed?

b) Prayer Altar or Shrine: Many people choose to create a dedicated prayer altar or shrine in their homes. This can be a small table or shelf adorned with flowers, candles, and other religious objects. Placing the Mother Mary statue at the center of this devotional space can create a sacred focal point for prayer and reflection.

Marble Virgin Mary sculpture

c) Living Room or Family Area: Another popular choice is to position the statue in the living room or a common family area. Placing it in a location where family members frequently gather allows for shared devotion and serves as a reminder of Mary’s presence in daily life.

mother Mary statue with crown

2. Outdoor Spaces:

a) Garden or Yard: Placing the Mother Mary statue in a garden or yard can create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, the statue can serve as a focal point for outdoor prayer and meditation. Consider selecting a spot with adequate protection from weather elements to preserve the statue’s longevity.

Life-Size White Marble Virgin Mary Statue Outdoor For Sale TCH-239

b) Grotto or Niche: Building a grotto or a small niche specifically designed to house the Mother Mary statue can provide a dedicated outdoor devotional space. Constructed with materials like stone or concrete, these structures can offer a sense of sacredness and protection for the statue.

marble statue in the shrine

Why do Catholics have a Mary Statue in Their Yards?

Mary sculptures are used as outdoor or yard decorations for many reasons. The hallmark of Catholic piety is the use of images to bring divinity closer to humans. Images are not ends in themselves, they are intermediaries. And, many ancient and venerable images of Marian are considered miracles. And sometimes, Mary’s sculptures are found outdoors in fields, trees, rivers, and caves. Also, Mary is a figure or symbol representing Catholic identity. Therefore, there are often Mary sculptures in the courtyard of the family.

outdoor statues of mary-Trevi Sculpture

During the Italian Renaissance, the custom of outdoor statues was a revival of ancient traditions. Among them, the statues of Our Lady of Lourdes and Fatima are the most numerous and most popular statues of Our Lady in the courtyard. Our Lady of Mary, then, is the chief witness of our faith in Jesus. So put her statue in our yard and we share the same belief. Mother Mary has been the protector of Catholicism since the early days.

mother mary garden statue-Trevi Sculpture

What is the Purpose of Mary’s Garden?

The Garden of the Virgin Mary is a small sacred garden. In the garden, there is a statue or sanctuary of the Virgin Mother Mary. Mary is the mother of Jesus in the New Testament. Also, the practice originated in the monasteries of medieval Europe. In the Middle Ages, people saw the shadow of Mary in the surrounding flowers and plants. Among them, in the center of the garden, Mary holds the baby Jesus.

What is the Purpose of Mary's Garden?

The garden is planted with flowers, shrubs, and trees associated with the legend of Mary. These plants may include laurels, strawberries, ladybugs, lilies of the valley, peonies, violets, irises, and roses, all of which are considered symbolic in the Bible. Gardens may have benches and facilities for lighting candles. People could pray and meditate next to the Virgin.

What is the Purpose of Mary's Garden?

What Does the Mary Statue Symbolize?

The Mary statue is designed to deepen people’s connection with Jesus. It represents what Jesus has done for us through her. Jesus grew up in Mary’s love. Mother Mary was Joseph’s wife. According to the Gospels, she was the virgin mother of Jesus. Both Matthew and Luke in the New Testament, as well as the Qur’an, describe Mary as a virgin. According to Matthew and Luke, she was engaged to Joseph.

What Does the Mary Statue Symbolize

Also, Mary was a virgin when she was conceived by the Holy Spirit. And Mary accompanied Joseph to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Her parents are called Anne and Joachim. According to Catholic teaching, at the end of her earthly life, Mary’s body ascended directly to heaven.

What Does the Mary Statue Symbolize

Mother Mary Statue Stepping on a Snake:

In Catholic churches, you would often see a statue of Mary stepping on a snake. This is a reference to Genesis where Mary would crush the head of a serpent (Satan). Mary defeated Satan in her role as a mother. Because Mary is stronger than anyone alive. She conquered sin by incubating the creator of the universe in her womb.

Mother Mary Statue Stepping on a Snake

Trevi Factory: A Reliable Supplier of Religious Sculptures

If you’re looking to purchase a marble sculpture of the Virgin Mary, finding a reliable supplier is crucial, and Trevi marble factory is the best choice. Renowned for our exceptional marble carving craftsmanship, we offer high-quality, lifelike sculptures of the Virgin Mary. As a reputable supplier, we are committed to providing customers with exquisite pieces that meet both their aesthetic and religious needs. From selecting premium marble to skilled carving, we ensure that each sculpture meets the highest standards, delivering a satisfying shopping experience for our clients.

Marble Virgin Mary Statue Introduction

Experienced Marble Carving Artist

The art of Marble Mary Statue relies heavily on impeccable craftsmanship, and at Trevi, we pride ourselves on our team of exceptional sculptors who specialize in carving religious figures. Our talented artists have dedicated their lives to honing their carving skills, starting from a young age, and have amassed decades of experience in carving exquisite Catholic statues. they breathe life into each sculpture, creating timeless works of art that resonate with believers and art enthusiasts.

Exquisite Carving Skills trevi factory

Use High-Quality Marble Materials

Trevi knows that catholic statues are very sacred, so we are very strict on quality. Trevi would make this marble Virgin Mary statue using high-quality grade A marble. The high-quality natural marble could not only ensure the quality of the sculpture. It could be put outdoors for many years without any quality problems. It could also ensure that the carved figures are more detailed and realistic.

Carving from A-Grade Marble

Professional Religious Marble Suppliers

Trevi is a professional supplier of marble sculptures, with 40 years of carving experience, and is one of the best in the field of marble sculptures. We have all kinds of marble religious statues in our factory. These are all produced by our excellent artists for domestic and foreign customers.

marble religious products

Virgin sculpture has a very high collection value. Please feel free to contact us if you want an exquisite marble outdoor Virgin sculpture. Trevi would provide you with more favorable solutions and design choices.

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