Top 10 Famous Marble Classic Figure Sculptures You Should Know


For thousands of years, famous marble figure sculptures have always been sought after by people around the world, marble figure sculptures have stood the test of time due to their timeless appeal. They often depict historical figures, mythological beings, or religious icons, connecting to themes and narratives that have resonated with people across different cultures and generations.

Top 10 Famous Marble Figure Sculptures

This blog will take you through the top ten famous marble figure sculptures in the world.

Diana the Huntress Sculpture

Diana the Huntress Sculpture is a famous marble sculpture that depicts the Roman goddess Diana, known as the goddess of the hunt, nature, and childbirth, and this sculpture beautifully captures her graceful and powerful presence.

Diana the Huntress Sculpture

Venus de Milo statue

The Venus de Milo statue is a famous ancient Greek marble sculpture that represents the goddess Venus (Aphrodite in Greek mythology). It is renowned for its exquisite beauty and classical elegance. This sculpture depicts Venus with her arms missing, a characteristic feature that adds to its mystique.


Victory of Samothrace Statue

The Victory of Samothrace Statue, also known as the Winged Victory of Samothrace, is an iconic ancient Greek sculpture dating back to the 2nd century BC. This masterpiece represents the Greek goddess Nike, the personification of victory. The statue depicts Nike standing on the prow of a ship, her wings spread wide as if she’s just landed on the vessel. It exudes a sense of triumphant energy and dynamic movement, despite missing its head and arms.

Victory of Samothrace Statue

Cupid and Psyche Sculpture

The Cupid and Psyche Sculpture is a renowned artwork that portrays the mythological love story of Cupid (Eros in Greek mythology) and Psyche. In this sculpture, Cupid is depicted as a winged young god, while Psyche is represented as a beautiful mortal woman. The sculpture showcases their embrace, symbolizing the eternal bond between love and the soul.

Cupid and Psyche Sculpture

Michelangelo’s David Statue

Michelangelo’s David Statue is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created by Italian artist Michelangelo between 1501 and 1504. This iconic statue depicts the biblical hero, David, standing in a confident and majestic pose, ready to face the giant Goliath. The sculpture stands at an impressive height of 17 feet and is carved out of a single block of marble. David is depicted in a state of idealized beauty, with intricate muscular details and a sense of natural grace.

Michelangelo’s David Statue

Greek Hebe Goddess Statue

The Greek Hebe Goddess Statue portrays Hebe, the goddess of youth and daughter of Zeus and Hera in Greek mythology. Typically, Hebe is depicted as a youthful and graceful figure. This statue embodies her beauty and vitality, often showing her in a flowing gown, holding a cup that symbolizes the elixir of youth.

Greek Hebe Goddess Statue

Four Season Goddess Statues

The Four Seasons Goddess Statues represent the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each statue embodies the characteristics and symbols associated with its respective season. These statues symbolize the cyclical nature of time and the ever-changing beauty of the seasons.

Four Season Goddess Statues

Laocoon and His Sons Sculpture

The Laocoon and His Sons sculpture is a famous ancient Greek artwork depicting a tragic mythological scene. It portrays the Trojan priest Laocoon and his two sons being attacked by sea serpents. The sculpture captures the intense agony and despair of the figures as they struggle against the serpents’ coils. It is considered a masterpiece of Hellenistic art and is admired for its powerful narrative and skillful craftsmanship.

Laocoon and His Sons Sculpture

Poseidon Statue

The Poseidon Statue is a depiction of the Greek god Poseidon, who was revered as the god of the sea, storms, and earthquakes. This statue typically portrays Poseidon as a robust and powerful figure with a trident in his hand, symbolizing his dominion over the seas.

Poseidon Statue

Farnese Hercules Statue

The Hercules Statue is an iconic representation of the legendary Greek hero Hercules, known for his incredible strength and numerous heroic feats. Typically depicted as a muscular figure with a club or a lion’s skin, this statue symbolizes his heroic nature.

Farnese Hercules Statue

Variety of Locations to Place the Famous Sculpture

The statues of the famous mythological figures mentioned above can be placed in a variety of locations, including:


These sculptures are often housed in museums, where they can be displayed in controlled environments to protect them from the elements and provide a space for visitors to appreciate their artistic and historical significance.

Classic Marble Figure Sculpture

Public Parks and Gardens:

Many cities have public parks or gardens where sculptures like these can be placed, allowing the public to enjoy and interact with them in a natural setting.

god of wine statue

Private Collections:

Wealthy individuals or collectors with a passion for art and history may acquire these sculptures for their private collections, where they can be appreciated in a more intimate setting.


Cultural Centers:

Some cultural centers or institutions dedicated to the preservation of art and heritage may choose to showcase these sculptures as part of their exhibits.

Hercules Statue

Ultimately, the placement of these statues depends on the goals of the institution or individual responsible for their care and display, as well as the intended audience for appreciating these remarkable works of art.

TREVIs Advantages of  Marble Figure Sculpture Reproductions

Trevi is a factory with forty years of experience in making marble figure sculptures. The famous marble figure sculptures we make are not only of high quality but also at factory direct sales prices.

Skilled Craftsmen

Our sculpture factory assigns dedicated craftsmen to specialize in figure carving. These artisans have years of experience in sculpting figures and possess the ability to perfectly capture the essence of the subject. Through their expertise, our sculptures beautifully showcase the depth and essence of each individual portrayed.

Skilled Craftsmen

Meticulous Process of Custom-Made Pieces

When it comes to renowned sculptures or custom-made pieces, our factory follows a meticulous process. We begin by creating a clay model, which is continuously refined and modified until it meets the client’s satisfaction. Only after final approval is obtained, do we proceed with the carving process, ensuring the highest level of quality throughout.

Meticulous Process of Custom-Made pieces

Using High-Quality Marble Materials

In our factory, we carefully select premium-grade marble specifically for figure sculptures. Our attention to detail extends to the material selection, ensuring that each sculpture is crafted from the finest marble available. This choice guarantees the inherent beauty, durability, and visual impact required to bring the figures to life.

famous marble figure sculptures

We have different styles of marble figure sculptures, and we also have professional designers who can customize the marble sculptures you want. If you want a perfect Classic Figure Sculpture, Trevi would be your best choice.

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