What Is The Origin of Winged Lion?


The lion is considered the king of beasts. It is a very powerful animal symbol. And many sculptures have appeared in various art fields. For example, the statue of a winged lion is recorded in many documents. The winged lion is a mythical creature that could be traced back to ancient times.

winged lion


First, The Wing Lion of Venice

The Lion of Saint Mark is a sculptural image depicting a winged lion holding a Bible. This winged lion represents Mark, the author of the Gospel of Mark. Saint Mark became the patron saint of Venice. The flying lion is traditionally associated with the image of Saint Mark, the guardian of the city of Venice. And it is recognized as a symbol of Venice. The Flying Lion appears on all official documents of the Republic of Venice. The Republic of Venice, with a winged lion as its proud emblem and flag pattern. And this image appeared on the flags raised by every ship in the fleet. And the Mint carved it on the coin. Craftsmen also carved it on all the walls and gates of the Republic’s territory.


First, The Wing Lion of Venice


Secondly, The legendary Griffin

Griffin is a legendary creature. Griffin has the body and claws of a lion. And Griffin also has the head and wings of an eagle, which is quite a famous fantasy creature. Because the lion and the eagle dominate the land and the sky respectively, the griffon is considered a very powerful animal. Griffin is one of the famous mythological creatures in ancient Greece. The Romans also associated Griffin with Apollo, the sun god, because the sun was very fierce. Therefore, it deserves fear and respect.


Secondly, The legendary Griffin


Finally, The Wing Lion of Lamassu

Lamassu is a chaotic creature similar to Manticore. Manticore has a sturdy bull body, a powerful tail, and an ugly huge face. The Chaos Dwarves believe that Lamassu is a rare variant of the Great Taurus. These creatures were originally Chaos Dwarves, but under the influence of Chaos Power, they turned into huge bull monsters.


Finally, The Wing Lion of Lamassu


In the real world, Ramatsu is the protector of Assyria. In the Sumerian era, Lamassu was a goddess named Lama. In the Assyrian era, Lamassu became popular as a symbol of power. It is depicted as a winged lion or a bull with eagle wings and a human head. This creature has the face of a human, the body of a cow, or a lion. And Lamassu also has a pair of bird wings, the patron saint of the family or the royal family.


Finally, The Wing Lion of Lamassu


Trevi Vividly Marble Lion Statue

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chinese lion statues


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