Antique Marble Stone Gargoyle Garden Statues for Driveway

Trevi’s exquisite antique gargoyles are for sale. And we use pure natural high-quality marble stone. If you want a marble gargoyle sculpture please feel free to contact us.
Item Number: TMA-22
Keywords: Lion gargoyle statue
Winged lion statue
Sitting stone lion statues
Size: Height150cm or bespoke size
Material: Natural beige marble, hand-carved, polished
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Details of Antique Gargoyles:

Trevi marble factory has numerous antique Gargoyle Garden Statues for sale. This marble flying lion sculpture is so realistic and beautiful. Natural marble creates the unique beauty of the lion. And, the lion’s mouth roared, and the delicate wings were fully spread and full of momentum. In addition, we also have other colored marble flying lion driveway statues for you to choose from.

Antique marble stone gargoyle garden statues for driveway

The Role of Gargoyle Sculpture:

Medieval Collectibles carry a wide selection of stone gargoyle garden statues. Our stone gargoyle statues come in many positions, some that are attacking, poised, sitting, or have a saying. These antique marble stone gargoyle garden statues are sculpted in cold cast resin with beautiful, intricate, and hand-painted finished detail.

lion gargoyle statues designs

Stone gargoyle garden statues make great additions to any Gothic home, and do not forget their purpose is to ward off evil! Our mythical stone gargoyle garden statues make a fine addition to any Gothic collection home or garden.

Using High-Quality Marble

The use of high-quality marble guarantees the sculpture’s longevity, making the marble Winged Lion Statue suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. With its weather-resistant qualities, this stunning artwork makes a lasting impression for years to come.

Using High-quality Marble

Choose the Material You Want

There are many options for the material of our marble lion statues. In addition to the sunset red marble, which is the same color as this lion statue, we have many other colors of marble for you to choose from. We also have a beige marble lion statue and a black marble lion statue, we could admire the black marble lion. This series of lion statues look more majestic and domineering as if it could scare away all bad things. All marbles are guaranteed to be purely natural and of high quality.

Choose the marble lion Material You Want

If you are looking for high-quality gargoyle garden statues, the Trervi marble factory would be a good choice. And we could guarantee the best price of the same quality. Come and contact us. Discount for first-order customers!

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