Do You Want to Know Three Secrets of Our Lady of Fatima?


Of the hundreds of alleged apparitions the Catholic Church has investigated, only twelve have received ecclesiastical approval, and nine of them occurred between 1830 and 1933.At the age of fourteen, Lucia was sent to the school of the Sisters of Saint Dorothy in Vilar, near Porto. In 1928, she became a postulant at the Dorothean convent in Tui, just across the border in Spain.As early as July 1917, mention was made that the Lady of Fatima had entrusted to the children a secret, “that was good for some and bad for others.

The First Secret:
Our Lady Fatima showed us a great sea of fire which seemed to be under the earth.The whole situation is so terrible and the pain and despair spread in the air around which there is black and transparent but the illusion only last for a short time. Our elegant Lady Fatima took all away from the terrifying scene to Heaven! After it ,people feel peaceful and grateful for Kind Fatima

The second secret:
It was a statement that World War I would end, along with a prediction of another war during the reign of Pope Pius XI, should men continue offending God and should Russia not convert. The second half requests that Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Catholic garden statues of fatima different designs
Catholic garden statues of fatima different designs

The third secret of Our Lady Fatima
It is about an announcement, Cardinal Sodano implied that the secret was about the 20th century persecution of Christians that culminated in the failed Pope John Paul II assassination attempt on May 13, 1981, the 64th anniversary of the first apparition of the Lady at Fatima


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