High Quality Natural Marble Lion Statue Garden Door Decor for Sale MOKK-951

Trevi Art Sculpture has been specializing in marble hand-carved statues for about 38 years since 1983. A big category is marbled animal statues, including lion statues, horse statues, elephant statues, dog statues, and so on. So if you are interested in any marble statues, please be free to contact us.
Item No: MOKK-951
Material: Natural Marble
Size: Custom
Technique: Hand Carved and Polishing
Characteristics: Vivid, Artistic, and Durable
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Advantage: Factory Direct
Package: Strong Wooden
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Service: Customize Acceptably

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Marble Lion Statue Detail

Marble Lion Statue Detail:

The material is high-quality red marble. The depth of the marble lion statue is about 180cm, and the height of the lion is about 130cm. The depth of the base is about 200cm, the height of the base is about 70cm, and the width of the base is about 65cm. You could see our exquisite carving details and vivid expression from this photo. They are very powerful, muscular, and ferocious. The lion sculpture is a symbol of power and strength, so whether you put it in a house, garden, or square, it would be a very attractive spot.


Marble Lion Statue Detail

More Lion Category:

We normally do ball lions, walking lions, standing lions, and sleeping lions. What’s more, we also have many classical special designs, such as flying lions, sphinx and so on. Every kind of lion suits different scenes, for example, most walking and standing lions are installed in the front of the house. Because most designs for walking and standing lions are very ferocious and muscular, it means that the lions could protect the house and the people in this house. And most sleeping lions are for garden decor. If you have other ideas about how to put them, every welcome to talk.


More Lion Category


Special Process Experience:

Ordering foo dog statues from us would be a very special experience for you. Because most lion statues are freshly made. During the production process, I would send you some photos.


Special Process Experience


In this way, you would know the entire production process and craftsmanship, you would see how our masters carve the hair and face of lions. It would make you more impressed with the sculpture. But if you are urgent to receive the statue, we also have many beautiful stocks in our warehouse.


Special Process Experience


We could select some based on your requirements for your choice, and then ship it quickly, may after three days.

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