Marble Statue of Mary and Jesus Madonna of Bruges for Garden CHS-867

This exquisite statue of Mary and Jesus is loved by many customers. Especially this work of art is a classic production by Michelangelo. If you want this realistic marble religious sculpture, please contact us now.
Item No: CHS-867
Size: Customized Size You Want
Material: Natural Marble Stone
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Technique: Art-quality Hand Carved, Polished

Table of Contents

Mary Statue Introduction:

Trevi could reproduce the famous statue of Mary and Jesus in full for you. This sculpture is the Madonna of Bruges. We could clearly see the Virgin Mary holding the young Jesus. And Jesus sat up straight, not fully attached to Mary. In addition, the expressions of Jesus and Mary are very peaceful. Then, our artists could sculpt the look and details of this sculpture for you. Also, the Virgin’s clothes are folded on the pedestal, so real. Trevi’s artists are well-versed in the depiction of the Virgin’s face, and you would no doubt get an exquisite religious sculpture.


Mary Statue Introduction:

Michelangelo Madonna of Bruges:

The Statue of the Virgin Mary is the work of Michelangelo during the Renaissance. The Virgin Mary is the personification of purity and nobility. Therefore, Michelangelo used this sculpture to describe the highest idealistic pursuit. Michelangelo’s depiction of the Madonna and Child differs considerably from earlier depictions of the same subject. First, the general sculpture depicts the devout Virgin smiling at the baby in her arms. Instead, this sculpture is of Jesus standing upright with little support. Also, Jesus is only loosely bound by Mary’s left hand. Also, Jesus seems to be leaving his mother. Meanwhile, Mary isn’t holding on to her son. Mary didn’t even look at Jesus but stared down. It is believed that the piece was originally designed for an altarpiece. If so, then it would appear slightly to the right and down. This early 16th-century sculpture also shows the High Renaissance pyramid style common in Leonardo da Vinci’s works of the late 1400s.


Michelangelo Madonna of Bruges:

Excellent Religious Statue Artists:

Trevi has an in-depth study of religious sculpture. We have Mr. Yuan, an artist who believes in Catholicism. Mr. Yuan’s carving skills are very proficient, especially good at face carving. Combined with his devout Catholic beliefs, Mr. Yuan restored the facial expressions of the status of Mary and Jesus to a more vivid and perfect way. Mr. Yuan has strict requirements on works, and each sculpture would go out of the factory after his repeated scrutiny.


Excellent Religious Statue Artists:

Made of High-quality Marble:

Our marble is made of high-quality marble. And, we all know that high-quality marble could make statues more upscale. Moreover, natural marble could also prolong the preservation time. In addition, natural marble has unique characteristics, and the original color is very beautiful. We could guarantee not only high-quality marble but also matching carving techniques. There is no doubt that the two complement each other to create the famous statue of Mary and Jesus of high quality.


Made of High-quality Marble:Made of High-quality Marble:


Of course, during the completion of the statue of Mary, Trevi would have someone to track the progress of the statue in real-time. Therefore, if you have any suggestions, you could communicate in time. Of course, we would also send you the sculpture engraving progress video and pictures in time. Statues of the Virgin Mary could be placed in churches or gardens. The Virgin Mary statue would create a spiritual sanctuary under your favorite tree, or known as a place for indoor meditation. Trevi has many other virgins Mary and Jesus statues, please contact us immediately if you need

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