10 Popular Outdoor Marble Fountains for Your Yard Renovation


Outdoor Marble Fountains are an excellent choice for yard renovations, serving not only as decorative elements but also enhancing the property’s value, creating a more visually appealing outdoor space. If you are considering a courtyard renovation, incorporating a beautiful marble fountain can add significant charm. In this blog, we will introduce ten classic and popular marble fountain designs.

Outdoor Marble Fountains

Selecting an appropriately sized and styled marble fountain is crucial during courtyard renovations, considering factors such as the courtyard’s size and style to ensure harmony. Additionally, factors like material and quality should be considered to guarantee the fountain’s long-term durability.

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Why Do People Like Outdoor Fountains

Beyond its decorative function, an outdoor marble fountain offers additional benefits. For instance, it can increase humidity, purify the air, and bring a fresh ambiance to the courtyard. Moreover, serving as a focal point, it captures attention, making the entire courtyard more vibrant and engaging.

Outdoor Marble Fountains

If you’re planning to sell your house, a marble fountain can serve as a standout feature to attract potential buyers. It has the ability to elevate the overall value of the property and enhance the appeal of the courtyard. For personal residences, having a beautiful marble fountain adds to the aesthetics, creating a more pleasant and comfortable outdoor space.

Outdoor Marble Fountains

An outdoor marble fountain is an excellent choice for courtyard renovations, not only as a decorative element but also for boosting the property’s value, making the courtyard more visually appealing. If you’re considering a courtyard renovation, consider incorporating a stunning marble fountain to add more charm to the entire outdoor space.

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10 Popular Outdoor Marble Fountains


1. Marble Horse Fountain

This marble horse fountain shows four lifelike horses with exquisite carvings and elegant postures. The marble material adds to its noble temperament. Under the sun, the water splashes around, and the four horses seem to be running happily, giving people an incomparable visual enjoyment.

Marble Horse Fountain

2. Marble Lion Fountain

This marble garden fountain takes the mighty lion as its theme, showing a majestic and powerful momentum, which makes people feel a strong visual impact. The lion is a symbol of strength and courage, and this marble lion fountain perfectly presents this strength and courage.

Marble Lion Fountain

3. Beige Marble Lion Fountain

This marble lion fountain presents a beige tone, giving people an elegant and noble feeling, and its posture is more vivid and lifelike. The water from the fountain spurts out from the lion’s mouth, and the water droplets dance in the air, complementing the sunlight and forming beautiful water curtains. The water curtain falls on the body, making the lion look more lifelike.

Beige Marble Lion Fountain

4. Two-Tier Marble Fountain

This two-tiered fountain is exquisitely designed, with different water flows and shapes on each floor, showing unique artistic charm. Each layer of the fountain is made of top-quality marble material, giving it a unique texture. Water sprays from the central cylindrical fountain, forming tall water columns. Under the sunlight, these water columns sparkle and are extremely beautiful.

Two-Tier Marble Fountain

5. Classic Three-Tier Marble Fountain

This marble tiered fountain has a classic design, with fine carvings and decorations on each tier, giving it a noble and elegant feel. The design of this fountain is full of classic and timeless atmosphere, creating a very elegant, romantic, and beautiful atmosphere in the backyard.

Classic Three-Tier Marble Fountain

6. Black Marble Fountain

This outdoor marble fountain is made of black marble, showing a mysterious and deep temperament, and giving people a modern feel. The overall shape of the fountain is simpler and smoother, while the lines of the water flow enhance the dynamics of the fountain. This design perfectly combines modern elements with natural beauty, giving people an avant-garde and fashionable feel.

Black Marble Fountain

7. Female Statue Fountain

This outdoor marble statue fountain is based on a graceful female statue, showing soft and graceful curves and delicate carving techniques. The female figure in the statue is elegant and gentle. She is holding a clay pot, and water pours out of the clay pot, forming beautiful fountains. The design of this marble fountain is full of artistry and innovation. It gives people an elegant and soft feeling.

Female Statue Fountain

8. Marble Figure Sculpture Fountain

This large marble outdoor fountain takes many marble figure sculptures as its theme, showing the three-dimensionality and details of the sculpture, and giving people a sense of artistic appreciation. Upgrade the style and value of your backyard.

Marble Figure Sculpture Fountain

9. Vintage Marble Wall Fountain

The design of this fountain is full of antique feel and cultural heritage. The design of water flowing out of the marble wall enhances the viewing and interest of the fountain, giving people a sense of simplicity and elegance. The design of this marble wall also complements the surrounding environment, adding a quaint and romantic atmosphere to the entire outdoor space.

Vintage Marble Wall Fountain

10. Water Ball Fountain

This water-spinning ball fountain is themed with a multi-layered water-spinning ball. The water flows out of the ball and the ball floats and rotates on the water, giving people a modern and technological feel. This design is full of creativity and fun, giving people a brand-new visual experience.

Water Ball Fountain

How to Find a Reliable Marble Fountain Supplier?

Great news! Trevi Factory is your one-stop solution for all your marble fountain needs. With four decades of expertise in marble fountain manufacturing, we prioritize quality control and provide excellent after-sales service, ensuring satisfaction for customers worldwide.

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Our exquisitely designed fountains offer a wide range of choices, including various shapes, sizes, and styles crafted from high-quality marble. Meticulously processed and polished, our marble fountains not only achieve optimal visual effects but also ensure durability.

More Garden Marble Fountain Designs

Beyond fountains, Trevi offers a diverse array of accessories and decorations such as a marble gazebo, marble bench, marble planter, and more, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and versatility of your yard. Our installation team, experienced and skilled, guarantees the quality and safety of the installation process. Should you have any inquiries or interest in marble fountains from Trevi Factory, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and delivering products that exceed your expectations.​

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