Chinese Guardian Lion Foo Dog Garden Ornaments for Sale TMA-96

This pair of majestic Chinese marble foo dog garden statues is very suitable to be placed at the door of your town houses.
Item Number: TMA-96
Size: Life-size or as your request
Material: Natural beige marble, hand-carved, polished
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

Table of Contents

Introducing Foo Dog Garden Statue

The overall design of these foo dog garden statues is very magnificent. Especially their expressions gave you a sense of majesty. Especially their lion head shapes give us a mysterious feeling. There is a hydrangea at the foot of the male lion, which means he is the ruler of the family. There is a lion cub at the foot of the lioness, which means that he is the continuation of the family life.

Introducing Foo Dog Garden Statue

Therefore, placing two corresponding lion sculptures at the door of the house represents a good blessing. In addition, people also want to make the Chinese foo dog garden statue to protect their houses like warriors.

Introducing Foo Dog Garden Statue

Using High-Quality Marble Materials

Each marble statue artwork by Trevi is made of high-quality marble. Of course, our Chinese Outdoor Foo Dog Statues are no exception. Trevi has carefully selected the highest quality marble materials to carve this pair of marble statues. All stones are natural stones mined from mines without any flaws. We would carve this marble foo dog statue with the finest pure white marble raw material. So you could see the exquisite detail of our sculptures. a high-quality marble Chinese lion statue that could be used outdoors for many years without any problems. Trevi factory has rich experience in carving marble Chinese and sells them all over the world.

Natural High Quality Marble 

The Most Popular Front Porch Ornament

These Chinese foo dog garden statues are not just decorative pieces; they serve as cultural symbols representing China’s rich traditional culture and art. If you have an interest in Chinese culture or are looking to add some decorative elements to your doorstep, these Chinese foo dog sculptures are undoubtedly an excellent choice.

The Meaning of the Lion:

Different Good Meanings

Lucky Lion is a very auspicious word in Chinese. Some people seem to think these guardian dogs are similar to lions. Also, many people started calling them dogs instead of lions. these amazing animal sculptures are popular. China’s guardian lion, the foo dog, is designed to attract and attract customers. Generally, there are lions in front of many large stores. Also, China’s guardian foo dog is a symbol of power and protection.

marble lion statue feedback 4

Different Places Have Different Fu Dog Designs

If you’ve been to a Japanese shrine, chances are you’ll see a dog-like lion at the entrance. If you’ve been to Okinawa, you could see guard poodles almost everywhere. You can see some of these changes in East Asian countries like China, Korea, Myanmar, Tibet, and even Western Chinese restaurants. They are called lions, dogs, poodles, or rich dogs in English.

More Marble Lion Sculpture Designs:

Trevi artists have superb sculpting skills. Our artists could carve you a very realistic lion sculpture. Of course, at Trevi factory, the guardian lion dogs are sold in a variety of sizes. I could meet everyone’s needs. If you want a steady stream of prosperity and wealth to enter your home, please get in touch with us immediately.

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