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Factory Direct Supply Famous Marble Venus Art Sculptures for garden decor MOKK-206,High Quality And Affordable Price

Famous outdoor modern marble art sculptures life size Venus de milo marble statues designs for decor in italy

Famous Marble Venus Art Sculptures for garden decor MOKK-206

This famous marble statue of Venus has historical significance in Greek mythology. The god of love, Venus, symbolizes beauty and love. We share your desire for the beauty of art. We can customize it for you, please feel free to contact us.
Item No: MOKK-206
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Style: Western Style
Material: Marble
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptably

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The Venus Marble Statue Detail:

This marble Venus statue is gentle and beautiful. The eye gazes somewhere and seems to take comfort in the love and beauty it brings. Our sculptures are done not only in detail, but even the hair comes to life. The choice of the highest quality marble material gives the entire statue a solemn and sacred look.



The Story of the Venus Statue:

Venus was excavated with his right arm sagging and his hand holding his clothes, his upper left arm reaching over his head and holding an apple. The arms of the sculpture were tragically broken in the melee, and Venus has been a goddess with broken arms ever since.



Why choose us:

Trevi Art Sculpture is a company based on sculpture. Please believe that we have the same claim to art as you do. With art as our roots, we have tried to approach the marble sculptures of Western writing in order to show the unique charm and style of ancient Greek statues. We don’t forget our beginnings and we innovate. We are customer-focused and have a place in the booming sculpture industry. We can offer you a range of sculptures.



As a marble factory with over 35 years of experience in carving, we can provide you with a range of marble statues. We are customer-focused. Possess ethical business practices and the ability to fulfill large orders. We have earned a commendable place in this field. As a quality-oriented organization and a reputed company in the field, the quality of the statues we offer will never be compromised.