Garden Outdoor White Marble Water Fountain for Sale TMF-26

This marble water fountain could be placed in gardens, public squares, and in front of buildings. Trevi factory has many fountains in stock and ready to ship.
Item Number: TMF-26
Key Words: White marble water fountains
Tiered marble water fountain
3 tier water fountain
Size: In accordance with requirements
Material: Natural white marble, hand carved, polished
Delivery time: 35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Marble Water Fountain Details:

The layers of marble water fountains are 12 feet in diameter. The pillars of the fountain are also decorated with detailed carvings. Of course, there are also some neatly carved pieces of marble around the rim of each bowl. In addition, the water from the fountain flows down each bowl and into each basin in turn.

Marble Water Fountain Details

Marble Water Fountain Details

Marble Fountain Sculpted for UK Clients:

This tiered marble fountain is a classic design we’ve previously made for our UK client. They ordered this for their hotel and it was in the center of the driveway. They liked our fountain very much and said it was very eye-catching and many clients took pictures with it. Customers are very satisfied with our quality and hope to have more cooperation in the future.

Marble Fountain Sculpted for UK Clients

Trevi Factory Professional Service:

As a professional factory engaged in marble carving for nearly 40 years, marble fountains are hot-selling products. We have professional artists to carve marble fountains. During this process, we would update the picture. After the engraving is completed, we will install it in our factory, and take pictures and videos for our customers for confirmation. Also, our fountains test the water in our factory. Also, we sent the hose for the fountain for free.

Trevi Factory Professional Service

Trevi’s Excellent Artist:

Trevi’s skilled artists craft high-quality white marble fountains, specializing in various European-style designs. With meticulous attention to detail, trust us for exquisite marble fountains that echo ancient Greek elegance. Originally operated by gravity, early tiered fountains utilized water inertia for upward spray. In the 16th century, large tiered fountains symbolized Italian and Indian aristocracy gardens. Our You Fine Sculpture Factory in Quyang produces a variety of Western sculptures, including tiered water fountains, suitable for courtyards and villas.

Excellent Fountain Carving Artist

Trevi Excellent Artist

Reasons Why Fountains Are Popular:

In some elegant gardens, artificial pools have been decorated with many three-tiered fountains since ancient times. In Europe, many-tiered garden fountains are located on classical sculptures. Outdoor marble fountains have been around since ancient Greek times.

Fountains in stock and Quick Shipping

The operation of early stepped fountains mainly relied on the gravity of water flow, for example, using the inertia of water flow to spray upwards to a certain height through long-distance pipelines. In addition, in the design of the outdoor three-tier fountain, ancient Greek hydraulic engineers exerted their creativity. They make the stepped garden fountain work automatically through different mechanical parts and physics. In ancient Persia, fountains also appeared in classical gardens.

Classic Three-Tier Marble Fountain

More Designs of Marble Water Fountains:

In addition to this design with a neat and beautiful layered marble fountain, we have another marble fountain design. For example, we also have marble character fountains, wall fountains, and animal fountains. If you have a picture of the design you like, please provide us the picture, and we will carve this marble fountain according to the picture you like.

More Marble Fountain to Choose

So if you want to buy a marble-tiered fountain. Trevi would be your best choice. You could always contact us and we would provide you with more detailed information and the best discounts.

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