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Factory Direct Supply Large Marble Garden Angel Statue Cemetery for Sale MOKK-801,High Quality And Affordable Price

Large Marble Garden Angel Statue Cemetery for Sale MOKK-801

Our large marble angel statue has this fine carving and the A-grade marble material allows it to be placed outdoors for a long time. This is an excellent quality marble masterpiece that is impressive at first glance.
Item No: MOKK-801
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Style: Western Style
Material: Marble
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptably

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Our marble large angel statue has this fine carving and the A-grade marble material allows it to be placed outdoors for a long time. It is made of tried and tested natural marble and would look great wherever it is placed.




Angel Statue Detail:


Trevi’s artists have been carving marble figure sculptures for 40 years. Their sculpting skills are very skilled and our artists are very good at sculpting the facial expressions of the characters. Especially, the beautiful face of our angel could always walk into the hearts of customers. This is what makes it a product worth buying. Unlike the common and cheap ones on the market. Our quality marble garden statues could be proudly handed down from generation to generation.


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Why Choose Trevi Art?


For more than 30 years, our marble factory has been a direct continuation of the handmade craftsmanship of 100 years ago. Thanks to our experience and our hand-carving skills, the sculptors have always delivered stunning marble sculptures. So we are proud to say that our marble angel sculptures are of very high quality and excellent value for money.



Trevi Products are Available Worldwide:


All of our marble large angel statues are hand-carved by the artist. Today our marble sculptures are delivered to schools, homes, restaurants, municipalities, parks, libraries, resorts, and hotels all over the country. Parks, zoos, and tourist attractions are also good choices. If you want to choose a holy marble sculpture for a venue, you would have no problem choosing us as your partner.


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How do I Buy a Marble Angel Sculpture?


1: If you want to order, please provide us with the photo and size you want.

2: Once we have agreed on a design based on the photos, we would start carving.

3: Sculptures that require changes to the details would only be made if you agree.

4: We deliver, and you enjoy!


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Of course, if you want a large marble large angel statue of an exquisite marble angel, we would be your best choice. please feel free to contact us online or send us an email if you like our products.