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Meaning of marble lion statue

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Material: Natural Marble
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Technique: Art-quality Hand Carved, Polished

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Marble Lion Statue Description:

Even in Scandinavia, lions are the most common predator in Romanesque church decoration. It exists in sculptures and murals as well as in holy books, church textiles, and metal products. This article discusses the symbolic meaning of all these lions and addresses whether they can be classified as meaning or whether they are considered simple decorations.

Lion Statue Meaning :

According to the Bible, veterinarians, and other written materials, the literary significance of lions in medieval culture was investigated. Various qualities are disclosed. Most people are active, even God-like, but there are also sources that the lion is a symbol of evil. This seemingly dual role is used to oppose the lion’s image in a clear context. The basis of all explanations is the natural characteristics of the lion: strength, courage, solemn appearance, and noble character. From these, as well as some mythological features, the various roles of the lion have evolved.

Twelve different characters can be clearly identified from written materials and Romanesque pattern traditions. From the Christian point of view, nine of them are undoubtedly positive, while two are ambiguous, and only Satan’s lion is clearly negative.

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Lion statues for the front porch, lion statues for home are mostly guardian lions, meaning good.