Where Are The Replicas of The Statues of David for Sale?



When you see “David”, you could feel that art could indeed carry and transcend the times. This Greek statue of David for sale is considered to be one of the most boastful male statues in the history of Western art.

statue of David for sale

Trevi Could Restore David 100%:

Michelangelo’s David portrait depicts David before the battle. Then Trevi could restore David 100%. First of all, we have a professional sculptor who has visited this exquisite sculpture in Florence. Our artist could fully portray the look of the statue of David.

Trevi Could Restore David 100%

First of all, we could see that the Trevi David sculpture looks firm. And his head turned to the left, and the tendons in his neck bulged as if he was preparing to fight. And the muscles near David’s upper lip and nose were tight. We could clearly see that David’s eyes are intensively looking into the distance. He had to have veins bulging from his drooping right hand, but this life-size statue of David for sale body did indeed relax. So David’s body weight is placed on his right leg.

Trevi Could Restore David 100%

Trevi Could Restore David 100%

Moreover, our artist depicts Davids’s statue holding a stone in his right hand and bending his left hand forward. In addition, he put the string on his left shoulder. Trevi’s artists also sculpted this image. Our artist also fully portrayed real-life statue of David’s nervous look and relaxed posture. Obviously, Trevi is very powerful and could definitely show David’s look and posture.

Trevi Could Restore David 100%

Trevi Uses High-Quality Marble:

The rough stone of Trevi’s David statue is of high quality, and different kinds of marble materials could be selected in Trevi. Because the natural marble is hard, it could fully display the artist’s carving skills. In the eyes of Trevi artists, any stone has a soul.

Trevi Uses High-Quality Marble

Our sculptor just removes the extra part of the stone and liberates the real statue of David. Trevi has a lot of natural marble for raw materials, for example, we have Hunan white, Guangxi white, Sichuan white, and imported Carrara marble.

Trevi Uses High-Quality Marble

If you like this statue David please contact us immediately, Trevi David’s sculpture would give you an unparalleled visual experience. Moreover, our consultants would serve you throughout the whole process, allowing you to fully participate in the sculpture carving process. Of course, Trevi would also give you the most reasonable price.

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