Beautiful White Large Marble Plant Pot for Outdoor Decor for Sale

Trevi Factory presents an eye-catching large marble plant pot that demands attention. Adorned with intricate and delicate reliefs. This pair of flower pots is perfect for indoor decoration and outdoor spaces.
Item No: TMP-33
Material: Natural White Marble
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptable
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

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Large Marble Plant Pot Show

Trevi factory’s large marble flower pot sculptures attract many eyes with their intricate and delicate reliefs. The main flowerpot is placed on a marble base, which is also carved with very delicate patterns. This pair of flower pots is not only perfect for indoor decoration, but can also be added to outdoor spaces to create an elegant atmosphere.



Skilled Sculptors with Attention to Detail

Each sculptor in our factory has decades of carving experience, and they all started learning carving when they were children. These carvings make the entire marble flowerpot full of artistic flavor. The sculptors in our factory have always pursued the perfection of details, and they believe that only details can show true art. During the carving process, they will carefully consider and polish every detail so that each work can reach the most perfect state.


Professional Carving Technique

Only Use High-Quality Marble

The stones selected for the marble flower beds in our factory are all of high quality, and our leaders will personally go to the quarry to select the stones for each customer. These marble flower pots have been carefully selected to be placed outdoors to withstand all kinds of bad weather.

Trevi Uses High-quality Marble

Design Your Marble Planter

Trevi also emphasizes communication with our customers and provides personalized custom services to meet various needs and preferences. As a professional sculpture factory, Our sculptors not only have superb carving skills but also have rich imagination and creativity. They can create carvings of various styles and themes according to customer requirements. Whether it is characters, animals, flowers, or abstract geometric patterns, they can create them with ease.

Design The Perfect Marble Planter for You

Show More Marble Planters

Also, Trevi offers a diverse selection of marble raw materials in various colors for you to choose from. This enables us to craft a bespoke marble flowerpot that perfectly complements and enhances your surroundings.

Marble Flowerpots

Feedback on Our Marble Planter

Our customers are very satisfied after receiving our marble flower pots. They used these intricately carved marble planters to decorate their back garden and found they greatly enhanced the quality of the space.



If you are looking for a high-quality marble flower pot, then this white marble planter is an option worth considering.

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