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Factory Direct Supply Large Outdoor Marble Woman Water Fountain Manufacturer MOKK-742,High Quality And Affordable Price

Large Outdoor Marble Woman Water Fountain Manufacturer MOKK-742

The design of this marble woman water fountain is simple. It consists of a circular pool and a beautiful fountain core. Where our fountain core consists of two levels, the top level is a simple circular design. If you are interested in the fountain, please fell free to contact me!
Item No: MOKK-742
Size: Customized Size
Style: Western Style
Material: Marble Stone
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptable

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The design of this marble water fountain is three women figure statue simple. It consists of a circular pool and a beautiful fountain core.


Marble Water Fountain Detail:


Where our fountain core consists of two levels, the top level is a simple circular design. In the middle are four glamorous women. The water from the fountain flows out of the top and eventually into the pool. The overall style is both European in its simplicity and French in its elegance.


woman water fountain-trevi sculpture

marble water fountain-trevi sculpture


We use the most cost-effective marble materials. All the materials are carefully selected by our workers to ensure that we are producing a high-quality product. A marble women’s water fountain is a beautiful addition to an outdoor space. It provides an elegant setting to purify the air as you walk through your garden or park. Soothe our emotions and relieve our stress through beautiful water music.


Add Taste to Home Decor:


Our beautiful and exquisite marble water fountains deserve a place on your property. Whether you are a landscape artist or a homeowner, we are happy to help you choose the perfect custom and unique fountain piece that suits your personal taste and space. These marble figure fountains accentuate the beauty of walkways and gardens. Even make the eyes of your neighbors who would be new and envious of your yard decor. This marble figure fountain would also be the most visible focal point of the decorative location.


large water fountain-trevi sculpturefigure water fountain-trevi sculpture



Advantages of Trevi Marble Fountain:


The marble material we use is a natural and high-quality material, which is perfect for outdoor fountains. We could customize different types of fountains for you. Whether it’s a simple single or multi-layered one, or even a carving of a figure or animal, we could customize it for you. We would also provide you with professional answers and services when it comes to choosing your pump. Whether it’s head, power, or flow rate, we can talk you through it all.




We offer you very competitive prices. The installation of these marble fountains is very simple. You can also request a professional installation team to complete the installation. If you want to do it yourself, we could provide step-by-step instructions on how to install a marble fountain. If you need, we could provide a stable pump for your marble fountain to control the water flow you want.



The hoses used after acceptance by our workers will be given to you free of charge. We provide full insurance for our customers. The packaging is made of three centimeters of hardwood board, also wrapped with soft cotton to prevent the product from breaking. You can buy with confidence.