Life Size Marble Jesus Statue with Sacred Heart for Sale CHS-873

If you want a realistic Jesus statue, please do not miss this life-size Jesus statue for sale in the Trevi factory. We always welcome you to contact us for more information.
Item No: CHS-873
Style: Catholic Religious Statue
Place Of Origin: Hebei, China
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Technique: Art-quality Hand Carved, Polished
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

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Marble Jesus Statue Introduction

It is a truly masterful life-size Jesus statue for sale. Our carving artists did not miss any details of the statue, and perfectly restored it with superb carving skills. A grade of pure white natural marble makes this Jesus statue look noble and pure, perfect for a church, school, or garden. In addition, the masters of the Trevi factory would carve with high respect, because they are all devout Catholics and have a devout belief in Jesus.


Stunning Hand-Carved Details

Our factory is renowned for its exquisite marble religious sculptures, boasting highly skilled carving craftsmanship. Our artisans hold a profound reverence for religious sculptures, considering them a tribute to the divine. One of our sculptors, a devout Catholic himself, sees sculpting religious figures as his lifelong sacred vocation.


Throughout the process of crafting marble religious sculptures, we pursue the utmost precision and meticulousness in every carving. Employing top-quality marble materials and a variety of carving tools, we strive to capture authentic and lifelike expressions, postures, and textures. The astonishing attention to detail in our hand-carved sculptures is truly remarkable.

Life Size Marble Jesus Statue with Sacred Heart for Sale 4

Feedback on Our Marble Jesus Statue

The marble Jesus sculptures from our factory sell well all over the world and are often sold to various churches and faith groups. Our customers not only purchase our sculptures but also often send us feedback pictures to express their praise and love for our factory sculptures.

Feedback on Our Marble Jesus Statue 1

Feedback on Our Marble Jesus Statue

Various Designs for You to Choose from

Many types and themes of marble Jesus statues have been produced in the Trevi factory. In addition to the sacred heart of Jesus statue for sale, we have also carved the Jesus statue with outstretched hands, the Crucifixion statue, the Holy Infant Jesus statue with the Virgin Mary, the Shepherd Jesus statue, etc. At the same time, we also accept customized service regarding the size, style, etc. of the Jesus statue. Excellent designers have enough ability to design satisfactory marble religious statues for you.

Safe Packaging

The Trevi factory uses the tightest packaging to pack this life-size Jesus statue for sale. At the same time, we would wrap the surface of the statue with thick soft foams to avoid scratches that may be caused by shaking during transportation. In addition, we would purchase full insurance for each product. All these operations would maximize the interests of customers, so you don’t have to worry at all.

Safe Packaging Regulations:

Advantages of Trevi Factory

1. The Trevi factory has always made statues with care. Many people can make a piece of art, but very few people can devote themselves to making statues. The masters of the Trevi factory are the ones who do it with 120% of their hearts.

Vivid marbleJesus statue

2. The high degree of reduction has always been a major feature of Trevi factory statues. We are very good at restoring various details, demeanor, etc. of the original work.

large jesus statue for sale

3. Professional and enthusiastic sales staff would answer your related questions at any time. Providing services that satisfy customers has always been their mission in mind.

Trevi Sculpture visit the Church

4. Our factory has undertaken many large-scale church renovation projects and is committed to providing one-stop services for churches. We not only provide marble Jesus sculptures but also cover the production and supply of altars, pulpits, saints, and other religious sculptures.

church project

Trevi always treats every customer with utmost sincerity. If you want to buy this life-size Jesus statue for sale, please contact us quickly.

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