Where to Buy St Francis Statue Garden Outdoor Lawn Decor TCH-203

Trevi marble St Francis statue garden is very beautiful. Our Catholic figure sculptures are all made of high-quality marble. If this sculpture is suitable for your garden and villa, please contact us today. Trevi would give you the biggest discounts and price deals.
Item Number: TCH-203
Key words: religious garden statues for sale
Saint francis garden statue stone
St francis statue with animals
Size: 150cm(59”) or customized size
Material: Natural marble, hand carved, polished
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Introduction of St Francis Statue Garden:

Introduction of St Francis Statue Garden:

This fine marble St Francis statue garden could be used as a decoration for your garden area, patio, or foyer. There are docile deer and cute squirrels by the Catholic saint’s side. Of course, our artists used deep carving techniques to sculpt the saint’s face to life. Especially the saint looked at the deer very kindly. At the same time, the squirrel and the deer looked at the saint at the same time. Therefore, the picture of this sculpture is very harmonious and beautiful.


Introduction of St Francis Statue Garden


In this fascinating sculpture of the patron saint of animals and nature, St. Francis sits on a stone, holding a book in his right hand with a small dove under it, and gently stroking a deer in his left hand. And, the deer looked at him affectionately, with a cute squirrel at his feet. The Assisi outdoor lawn statue depicts a beautiful image of Catholic St. Francis. Trevi would provide you with a beautiful collection of St Francis statues.


Outdoor catholic saint statues of St Francis for churches designs


Using Pure Natural Marble:

Trevi St Francis garden statue always insists on using pure natural marble. We all know that pure natural marble could last for thousands of years. Well, the Trevi St Francis statue could also have lasting beauty. Moreover, only good marble could fully reflect the look and spirit of the saint. In particular, Trevi has a stable source of marble raw materials. Therefore, ours would provide you with the highest quality marble figure sculptures at the most reasonable prices.


Using Pure Natural Marble:

Historic Home of Sculpture:

The outdoor lawn statue of St. Francis Assisi is produced by Quyang, the hometown of Chinese sculpture. We are a marble sage sculpture export factory with 40 years of experience. Without a doubt, we export our sculptures wherever they are needed around the world. Especially in various Catholic churches, sculptures of Catholic figures of Trevi could often be seen. Moreover, this sculpture is also very suitable as a decoration for your garden.


Historic Home of Sculpture:


Of course, we also have many full-body statues of St. Francis in different shapes. If you think this sculpture is very beautiful. Then please contact us now. Trevi would bring you the latest St Francis look catalog to choose from.

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