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Factory Direct Supply Life-Size Garden Marble Farnese Atlas Sculpture for Sale MOKK-80,High Quality And Affordable Price

Life-Size Garden Marble Farnese Atlas Sculpture for Sale MOKK-80

This famous marble Farnese Atlas is on his knees with the earth on his shoulders. Trevi’s experienced artists could sculpt a very delicate atlas garden statue for you.
Item Number: MOKK-80
Type: Famous marble statues
size: 50inches or as your request
Material: Natural marble, hand-carved, polished
Delivery time: 35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Marble Farnese Atlas Detail:

Farnese Atlas is the second-century Roman marble replica of the Farnese Atlas Greek cultural atlas garden statue. The marble Farnese Atlas is on his knees, carrying the earth on his shoulders. Atlas’s work was weighed down because he had been sentenced by Zeus to support the skies.



Choose High-quality Marble:

Trevi’s marble sculptures are made of high-quality marble. And, our marbles are all-natural raw materials. These high-quality marbles ensure that the sculptures would last longer. Of course, A-level marble could more clearly ensure the beauty of the details of the sculpture.


atlas statue for sale-Trevi Sculpture

Farnese Atlas Origin:

World-famous garden sculpture life-size marble Farnese Atlas is the oldest extant statue in Titan’s history in Greek mythology, which occupies an important place in early vase painting and, more importantly, the oldest known celestial image.


farnese atlas statue-Trevi Sculpturelife size greek statues for sale-Trevi Sculpture


Now, the marble life-size marble statue Farnese Atlas of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Italy. The world-famous garden statue’s life-size marble Farnese Atlas is 7 feet (2.1 meters) high and the Earth is 65 centimeters in diameter.



Source of the Sculpture:

When Hercules was ordered to steal the golden apples from the holy garden guarded by Hesperides, Prometheus suggested that he ask Atlas for help. So Hercules turned to Atlas for help. In addition, Hercules agreed to replace the conditions of the sky in Atlas’s absence.


atlas statue original-Trevi Sculpture


After picking the golden apple, Atlas was reluctant to take the sky over Hercules’ shoulders. So Hercules pretended to agree. But Hercules asked Atlas to carry him for a while while he looked for a pair of shoulder pads. When Atlas lifted the sky to his shoulders, Hercules picked up the golden apple and fled. Atlas had to continue to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the sky.


life size garden statues-Trevi Sculpture


Trevi Safe Packaging:

Trevi has been exporting marble for 39 years. We have a wealth of experience to provide you with a range of assistance. First of all, on the life-size garden statues packaging, we have the most responsible packaging staff. They would pack the atlas garden statue very securely in accordance with the installation regulations. Therefore, our marble famous atlas statues would be protected from damage during transportation.



Of course, maybe this size is too big for you, we can adjust it. Any custom atlas garden statue design and size are available!