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Factory Direct Supply Outdoor Large Marble Woman Fountain China Factory MOKK-844,High Quality And Affordable Price

Outdoor Large Marble Woman Fountain China Factory MOKK-844

This is a classic marble woman statue fountain design that fits perfectly into a modern garden. The exquisite marble fountain can also make your garden more beautiful in line with modern garden decoration. Please feel free to contact us for the most detailed product information and best prices.
Item No: MOKK-844
MOQ:1 Piece
Material: Pure White Marble
Package: Standard Wooden Package
Superiority 1: Free Custom Made
Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly
Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram
Design: By Our Team(Customer Design Is Acceptable)

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Marble garden fountain detail:

This is a classic marble woman statue fountain design. Whether you have a modern design or a vintage design home, this fountain is perfect for it. The pool at the bottom is also very exquisite. Small planters carved in the shape of waves can also be used to plant flowers and the fountain will be another style. An exquisite marble fountain can also make your garden more beautiful. For a few thousand dollars, you can get a natural marble fountain that has been preserved for centuries.



Water flows from a jar in a woman’s hand and out of the mouth of the sculpture at the top. If you have a beautiful garden, be sure to choose a matching fountain to decorate it and add some natural water features to your garden. It is not only practical but also artistic. The neighbors around you will be very envious of you when they see it, and if someone asks you where you bought it then, be sure to recommend Trevi.



Natural stone:

We use natural and high-quality marble material, the natural stone gives this marble woman garden fountain a very elegant and luxurious look and design. The use of high-quality natural stone not only gives the statue a very natural and realistic image but also guarantees the quality of the product. It can be used for hundreds of years without any quality problems.



Why choose Trevi Sculpture?

Trevi is a factory that specializes in the design and production of marble outdoor garden fountains for residential and commercial use. We do not deal in inferior cast concrete or synthetic marble composite products. All our marble fountains are made of high-quality natural marble stone. Only natural marble has enough hardness and color.



Complete after-sales service system:

For the marble female garden fountain you buy from Trevi Sculpture, we have a perfect after-sales service. After your marble carved garden fountain is finished, we will test the water first to make sure there is no quality problem before shipping. We will also provide you with a complete and detailed installation drawing of the fountain to solve your installation problems. Instantly during COVID-19, if you have any quality problems after you receive the product, we will solve it for you in time.


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