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Factory Direct Supply Life Size Marble Mary Statue Church Decoration for Sale CHS-090,High Quality And Affordable Price

Life Size Marble Mary Statue Church Decoration for Sale CHS-090

Marble statue of Mary detail: The marble statue of Mary […]

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Marble statue of Mary detail:

The marble statue of Mary is the most important female figure in Christianity and has been revered as the “Mother of God” and the “Holy Mother” since the earliest days of Christianity. This outdoor marble Mary sculpture is our newest design and was designed specifically for church decoration. However, this marble Mary sculpture is also a great choice to place in your garden if you are a Catholic. It will not only add a churchy feel to your garden, but it will also allow you to pray whenever you want.



Our marble religious sculpture is hand-carved by the master. In every detail, only the hand can feel the temperature. This is the reason why customers are choosing YouFine. Our master is also a devout Catholic. So the carving of our Madonna is also very careful. Especially the eyes are very vivid.



Factory introduction:

Trevi sculptures are available in various materials, such as marble, marble, stainless steel, iron, and fiberglass. And for each material, we have a special factory and our workers have more than 20 years’ experience. About the Marble Mary sculpture, we also have many designs. We can offer you better service in terms of quality and price. All of our sculptures are customized and we will make a product that will satisfy you. We also have a professional design team and production team to make sure we can provide you with high-quality products.



Packaging and Shipping:

When it comes to packaging, you can rest assured. Our packaging is very sturdy. The thickness of the wood is 3 cm, which is twice as thick as normal packaging. We also have different packing methods for different items to ensure safety during transportation. As for the transportation of cast marble Mary sculpture, sea transportation is usually chosen, but other transportation methods, such as air transportation, can also be used. Our nearest port is Tianjin, China, but you can also choose other ports.



Marble religious sculptures have been very popular and we have many domestic and international customers who like our religious sculptures. We are looking forward to establishing a good partnership with you.


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