Outdoor Hand-Carved Stone Garden Gargoyles Statues for Sale TMA-43

The outdoor stone garden gargoyles statue is a beautiful piece of decorative garden art. Trevi has extensive experience in making gargoyle statues.
Item Number: TMA-43
Keywords: Decorative garden sculptures
Gargoyle garden statues
Outdoor gargoyle statues
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Size: Length150cm or bespoke size
Material: Natural grey marble, hand-carved, polished
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Details of the Gargoyle Sculpture:

We could see that this large outdoor gargoyle statue is so cute and interesting for sale. The Trevi gargoyle sculpture is carved from natural granite. There are special natural colors and spots on the surface of the gargoyle sculpture. These are very much in line with what one would imagine a gargoyle to look like. The look and body carving of the gargoyle sculpture are so real.

Details of the Gargoyle Sculpture:

If you want a gargoyle sculpture to protect your home and roof. Then Trevi could meet your needs for different materials and different shapes. The outdoor stone garden gargoyles statue is a beautiful piece of outdoor decorative garden art. This large, handsome hand-carved stone gargoyle statue is well-made and very detailed. The large outdoor gargoyle statue is a great stone ornament for an outdoor location.

Outdoor stone garden gargoyles statues for sale

Experienced Sculptor:

Trevi has experienced marble sculptors. Moreover, they learned the carving skills of marble sculpture in childhood. We all know that the appearance of gargoyle sculptures is varied. Well, our art has taken a deep dive into this large outdoor gargoyle statue, so you’ll end up with an exquisite collection of gargoyle sculptures. Also, our artists employ deep carving techniques. There is no doubt that the shape of these gargoyle sculptures would be lifelike, just like real life.

Outdoor stone garden decor gargoyles statues for sale

The Elaborate Clay Model:

Trevi has been engaged in garden gargoyles sculpture for 39 years. Our artists have extensive experience. They have been sculpting outdoor gargoyle statues into life-size clay models for over 20 years. Through decades of practice, our artists could bring large outdoor gargoyle statues to life for sale. In particular, we have carved different types of large garden gargoyles for numerous clients. So whatever stone gargoyles sculpture you want, our artists have you covered. Also, if you choose our existing clay models, then you will save on clay model fees. Please trust Trevi, we always provide customers with the most satisfactory service and the best quality garden gargoyle statue.

The Elaborate Clay Model

Gargoyle’s Guardian Mission:

This outdoor stone garden gargoyle statue would attract people to stop every day to look at it. Gargoyle is a beast and he protects us from evil spirits you also can have fun with him snapping photos when the sky is changing.

Gargoyle’s Guardian Mission

Fresh from gargoyles statues eerie nightly vigil atop Medieval Europe’s most impressive architecture, our outdoor stone garden gargoyles animal statue is destined for a coveted spot in the homes and gardens of Gothic icon collectors worldwide. Our unparalleled outdoor stone garden gargoyle statue is carved in high-quality grey marble and a new design to aptly capture his muscular, flexed haunches and menacing scowl.

Gargoyle’s Guardian Mission

More Stone Gargoyles for Sale

Trevi factory has a series of stone gargoyle sculptures of different shapes and made of different stone materials. These sculptures not only have unique artistic styles but also have extremely high collection value. If you have specific needs for a gargoyle sculpture, we can customize it to your specifications to create a unique piece of art for you.

More Stone Gargoyles for Sale

Trevi was very good at carving large outdoor gargoyle statues. Please feel free to contact us for the latest quotation, and our sales consultants will provide you with the best deal.

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